Deep Waters 4/6/2004


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I was a member of a writers blog site and the members used to challange each other with many ways of making us stretch, to think outside of the box, and to come up with new material, based on introspection or observances that had never before come to fruition in our works of words. Here is the poem I wrote in response to my worest fears.

Deep Waters 4/6/2004
The water rises above my head,
As I sink to the bottom.
I see sunlight fading away;
The water around me is getting darker.
I see people swimming above me,
The refractions and light, making the surface,
Look like a shattered mirror in motion.

Sounds fade away like;
They are at the other end of a very long tunnel.
I can’t breath. And I can’t swim.

My arms reach up towards sun & air,
But there is nothing to save me.
It seems like slow motion,
How far will I slide till I hit bottom,
And what then?
I did not see my life flash before my eyes –
I was only three – not much of a life to flash.
It was like the asthma I was born with,
Suddenly robbed of my air!
But always before there had been hands,
And people grabbing me, carrying me,
And trying to attend to my needs.
Here at the bottom of the lake, I am alone.
And I am cold. But I am oddly serene.

I am drowning.

Deborah Coss of remembers an early childhood drowing she survived!


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The Island of Beautiful Waters
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