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30 Birthday Wishes As You Turn 30 Years Old

Paul Davis

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I wish that you will be brave and always bold
So you can arise and pursue your passion
Putting feet to your faith and taking action.

I wish for you self control which leads to success
As you harness yourself to be your personal best.

I wish that you will be still and quiet your soul
When restlessness, disillusionment, and discomfort
Seek to trouble, torment you, and take control.

I wish that you will know the power of words
Before you carelessly open your mouth to speak.

I wish for you freedom from opinions and fear
So when others critique, criticize, and draw near
There words will not carry weight, nor will you hear.

I wish for you spiritual sensitivity and divine identity
So you will inwardly know who you were created to be.

I wish for you humility, godly character, and stability
So within you can possess peace, patience, and tranquility.

I wish for you an endless amount of quality and caring friends
Who will support, under gird, and be with you until the end.

I wish for you determination and discipline to fulfill your dreams
Beyond merely identifying your desires, but make them a reality.

I wish for you self-confidence, so that whenever you walk alone
You can pioneer a new path to the Promised Land for your own.

I wish you all the blessings of heaven and earth in the new birth
As the blessed Holy Spirit within, awakens you to your divine worth.

I wish you the utmost brilliance, ingenuity, and clever creativity
To work through every challenge, struggle, and unexpected difficulty.

I wish you unconditional love from above to push past bitterness
To give, forgive, and live large so that you will always be blessed.

I wish that you live fully present and always enjoy the moment
Before it passes you by and you later look back with regret and cry.
I wish for you liberty so you can express yourself freely
And as a woman mature, progress, and fully evolve to be
The woman that God made in His image and stunning glory.

I wish you happiness when that intangible quality seems illusory
Remember ideally happiness is discovered and cultivated inwardly.

I wish for you family and laughter with all of their immense peculiarity
For in the heart of God dwells variety the spice of life with diversity.

I wish for you enriching motherhood in its God ordained proper time,
That as a parent you dwell content, nourish your offspring, and be sublime.

I wish for your professionally ongoing success and freedom to transition
When your desires change and your life you wish to modify and rearrange.

I wish for you adventurous travel so you can fully see the wonderful world
Touching and uplifting people across the globe your God gloriously made.

I wish for you delicious cuisine known and unknown across the international landscape
So you can taste and see that God is good, a loving heavenly Father, always providing.

I wish for you wisdom, knowledge, and understanding so you can be enlightened
Possessing insight for yourself and others to facilitate transformation and miracles.

I wish for you rewarding respect and submission to God given authority
Knowing the protection it provides and blessing it brings to properly guide.

I wish for you intuitiveness, incredible instincts, business acumen, and verbal restraint
So you will perceive an opportunity, navigate toward it correctly, and negotiate skillfully.

I wish for you joyous music to fill your ears, delight your soul, and make you whole
Bringing you into sync with the divine flow, causing your heart to rest and truly know
All is well concerning you, as you relinquish your rights and let the Creator lead you.

I wish you the power to pursue, possess, and afterward be content and take rest
Rejoicing in the rewards of your labor, without belaboring ridiculous trivialities.

I wish you the ability to live free from comparison and mental contamination,
But to rather rejoice with others happiness and genuinely share it with them
Without being angry, envious, embroiled with bitterness, or jealous of them.

I wish for you life balance, a positive attitude, and willingness embrace the unknown
Therein are your unexpected surprises, future achievements, and life accomplishments.

I wish for you the ability to breathe, believe, and always receive above and beyond
What you ever thought could be, as you simply trust your Creator and cooperate fully.

I wish you endless celebrations and jubilation, as you enlarge your heart for the nations
Giving yourself to God's eternal calling; helping humanity, blessing families, and souls saving.

Paul Davis is a life coach and wedding minister who officiates marriage ceremonies and vow renewals. Paul has been in ministry for over 15 years, blessing people around the world. He has traveled to over 50 countries and 6 continents having a worldwide impact.

As a relational coach, Paul's compassion for people and passion for transformation makes him very successful. His depth, understanding, experiential wisdom, and disarming sense of humor makes Paul a personal favorite of many couples. Highly celebrated and sought after, Paul has authored several books including Breakthrough for a Broken Heart and Are You Ready for True Love?

Paul's organization Dream-Maker Ministries is making a difference throughout the world building dreams, breaking limitations, and reviving nations. Paul's interpersonal and unprecedented experience engineering breakthroughs for individuals and organizations is revolutionary.

Contact Paul to officiate your wedding and more!

Paul is the author of 14 books including Breakthrough for a Broken Heart; Are You Ready for True Love?; Adultery 101; and many more!


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