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Running on Empty, Reaching For Abundant Life

Paul Davis

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Running on empty far too long

Help me sweet Jesus get by!

Get beyond just getting by!

To live the true abundant life

Before I reach for pie in the sky

To bring heaven's blessings to earth

Before I think to weep, sob, and cry

Empower me to live again and fly

Higher than my perplexing circumstances

Overwhelming challenges and difficulties

Make me the man I ought to be to live fully

To arise above every adversity and uncertainty

To powerfully push through what I'm going through

To fearlessly and boldly do what I know I ought to do

To not apologize for living authentically and being me

To walk humbly, lovingly, and graciously among humanity

To work tirelessly, but take time to enjoy life joyously

To live with a childlike heart and continually uplift society

To take time to listen attentively and reply compassionately

To forgive, live, and allow people to evolve and also be

As they too mature, grow, and follow their personal passion

Let me be understanding and feel before thinking to take action

Help me to sensitively and intelligently plan ahead as I progress

Help me to never give any less than my absolute wholehearted best

Sustain me when at the end of the day I am weary and in need of rest

Give me wisdom when life and irritating people put my patience to the test

Uphold and embrace me when I feel lonely, confused, and utterly hopeless

Fill me to overflowing so I can rejoice and live without anxiety and stress

Come Lord Jesus and turn every minus into a plus full of divine essence.

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Paul Davis is a highly sought after worldwide minister who moves in the miraculous to touch and transform humanity.

Paul has a unique ability to hear the voice of God, naturally bring forth the supernatural in a playful and heartfelt fashion, unlock and simply explain divine mysteries, impart life changing revelation, and usher in powerful manifestation bringing heaven to earth.

Paul is the author of several books including Waves of God; Supernatural Fire; God vs. Religion; United States of Arrogance; Poems that Propel the Planet; Breakthrough for a Broken Heart; Adultery 101; Are You Ready for True Love; Stop Lusting & Start Living; and many more!


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Reaching Freedom in Life Finding a Truer Joy
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