A Geiko Pooped In My Eye, I'm Not Kidding; A True Story in a Song!

Kathy Ostman-Magnusen

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I wrote this little song. . . about a geiko pooping in my eye. . . true story!!

In Hawaii where I live, it is nothing to have a geiko in your house. They are wonderful little mosquito eaters so I just look at them as little pets. I know this is really hard to imagine without living in the tropics. I totally understand, I am after all a California girl originally. Once you get used to it though their little chirps at night are really cute. So you see now why and how I could find myself in a situation of watching TV, looking up towards the ceiling and. . . plop! It stung. . . just in case you were wondering!

"Geiko Song"

Geiko geiko on the ceiling
waiting for that special feeling. Turned his head and he smiled at me
as I lied down and watched TV.
Then he gave a little sigh
as he dropped his do do in my eye.

Isn't that the way things go (2 times)

I watched a man walk past my window
head turned down
he was on the go.
He never looked up
to view the sky
but he'll never know do do
in his eye.

He'd say,

Isn't that the way things go (2 times)

Heads up, stand up, get in line
move out, get out, watch the signs.
If you move through life
and ignore the view
you'll never know
what geikos do

Say now,

Isn't that the way things go (2 times)

About the Author:

Kathy Ostman-Magnusen
Hawaii, United States

Aloha! I am a figurative artist and Illustrator. If you check out my website you will see that I am very prolific in oils. My paintings are collected worldwide. I also do sculpture; images available upon request. I have illustrated for Hay House Inc. , Neil Davidson, who was considered for the Pulitzer Prize in feature writing, and several other publications. I also enjoy story writing and poetry. All of the paintings, stories and poems on my blogs and website are written by me.

Check out my website http://www.kathysart.com or one of my blogs at: http://kathysart.blogspot.com/



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