A Letter of Love


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I don't ever again want there to be a time when you are not in my thoughts. I want to know as much about you as is possible for me to know. I remember how I rejected you in times past, not even aware of how much I hurt you with my indifference. I want never to be so foolish again.

How much time wasted in my search for happiness with the one who meant me no good. He had been very persuasive in his pursuit of me, coming to me in ways he knew I would find appealing, and concealing his true motives till the end.

You stood patient, and watched me; waiting for me to call on you. And I did call, and it was very hard for me, because I'd left you. I felt so guilty inside.

But you never spoke of it. Instead you listened as I confessed to you my dark season with the one who meant me no good.

You listened as I described my pain at having been so easily cast aside with hardly a thought given to my feelings. How selfish of me not to see that I had done the same to you.

Afterwards you brought forth your comfort to me in a pureness that touched my spirit completely. Your love for me had not changed, and your forgiveness washed over me like a sweet mist. Oh my dearest Lord Jesus how blessed I am to have you in my life.

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How to Write a Good Love Letter
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