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There is a special breed among us, it's said.
They are fitted with golden hearts; by which they all are lead.

They have gifts bestowed upon them that others cannot know;
Except, they choose the path that these are destined to go.

They are born to every color, creed, and race upon the earth.
If there were but a sign to mark them at their birth.

Yet young and old, rich and poor, they bear no mark or brand;
Till the moment of their gracious deeds, when valor makes it stand.

Fearless creatures amongst us each and every day.
Lovers of God, and country, and every good and perfect way.

Always ready with keen awarness to defend, and do what's right.
Revealing at that moment their golden hearts of light.

Filled with honor and strength that seems to know no bounds.
Their voices sure and steady; It's how a hero sounds.

The greatest among these chosen few are those we'll never know.
The ones that came and went, leaving only their deeds for show.

Their acts of courage are to numerous to name;
Yet these humble spirits seek no reward or fame.

They rise so far above us, victorious in our sight!
Our heroes, and our champions; valiant souls of light.

Faith McDermott is an aspiring writer, and the current webmaster for We Can-2 (http://www.wecan.internetbasedfamily.com ) A site for women to network together to find information/resources to improve themselves, and each other.

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