Kissing and Cleaving

Paul Davis

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My darling and princess
You mean the world to me!
Through you I feel
Hear, sense and see
As strange and sudden
As it may be
I’m irrefutably gripped inwardly.
Captivated in countless ways
Enraptured night and day
Enamored all the way
Whether I’m speechless
Or eloquently overflowing
With much to say

Your smile to me
Lights the way
Your touch
Impossible from which
To walk away
Your words
Passionately impregnating
By what you say
Your dreams
Inspiring hope
For each new day

Your kisses melt my world
With you I’m never bored
You move me Godward
Influenced by your work ethic
My dreams I move toward
Like a vast army in battle
I move forward!
Inspired by your presence
I lose all hesitance
Communicating with you
I access all brilliance
I face fears and impossibilities
With a defiant vengeance

Some kiss and leave
Hit and run
Seek companionship
With more than one
Considering such infantile games
To be enjoyable and fun
Leaving you clueless
As to their intentions
Diminishing your personhood
With uncertainty and apprehension.

Such I neither desire
Nor want prematurely from you
You are too magnificent
For me to do such to you
I look not for one with whom
To spend the night
On the contrary
I seek a noble woman
With whom to spend my life

To kiss and cleave
All other feminine companionship bereave
Additional enticements and seductions leave
Lest your heart my darling
I ever grieve.
Far be it from me
To subject you to an earnest plea
On the contrary
I take the initiative
To fully give to you
All of me

Blessed beneficiaries are we
Of divine intervention and orchestration
By the Spirit of God
Who has gone before us
Entering via dreams our subconscious
Setting up simultaneous synchronicities
From the heavenlies
Depositing unshakeable impartations
Giving birth to new creations
Bringing us to our knees
More fully opening our eyes to see
Though it be as visible as electricity
Awaking unfulfilled expectations
Of a glorious future
Hope filled with desire
Our hearts together aglow
With unquenchable fire!

Though some will question
Reason, analyze and say nay
Doubtlessly God has forged
A new and living way
Repeatedly assuring
Continually alluring
Incessantly stirring
My heart like an inferno
Endlessly burning

It’s as if you have been
Forever written and imprinted
On the depths of my heart
Undoubtedly an exquisite work of art
From which I cannot
Nor desire to depart.
Though I’ve tried to intellectualize
Philosophize and in principle realize
Just what is going on
In me you continually arise
Like the sun’s breaking at dawn

So what then shall I do?
Move slowly and hesitantly
When I know I love you?
This I cannot
For cautious I am not
Fearless in love
Bold in expression
Vulnerable I may be
But there shall be
No regression

So stop me now
If you cannot take such intensity
For daily my desires increase
As I draw near
To my God intended destiny.

Out with the old
In with the new
For sweetheart I love you!

To hell with hesitancy
Do away with doubt
Because my emotions
Refuse to be locked up
They must come out!

The future I know
And also I don’t
But this is my delight
For discoveries out of sight
Actively engage and endear
With each new day, month and year
Throw caution to the wind
Let go of precautionary spin
Aggressively pursue your dreams
Daily progressively living them
On the dream-voyage
You’ll always win!

No time to hem and haw
Let’s arise and do
Let love and spontaneity
Guide you
With faith childlike and raw
We shall put the world in awe!
For never has there been
And never shall there be
A couple such as we!

by Paul Davis

Paul Davis is author of Breakthrough for a Broken Heart a book telling us “How to overcome disappointments and blossom into your dreams!" He is a minister, life coach (relational & professional), dating expert, popular worldwide keynote speaker, creative consultant, humor being, adventurer, explorer, mediator, liberator and dream-maker.

Paul's compassion for people & passion to travel has taken him to over 50 countries of the world where he has had a tremendous impact. Paul has also brought revival to many in war-torn, impoverished and tsunami stricken regions of the earth. His nonprofit organization Dream-Maker Ministries is building dreams and breaking limitations.

Paul's Breakthrough Seminars inspire, revive, awaken, impregnate with purpose, impart the fire of desire, catapult people into a new level of self-awareness, facilitate destiny discovery and dream fulfillment.

Paul can be contacted at: - 407-967-7553 or 407-282-1745.

For additional info: http://www.CreativeCommunications.TV


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