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Love Photography? Here Are 5 Essentials You Need

Shiki Wale

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Do you love to click pictures? Well, that’s pretty good. But do you know the essentials which are required for better photography? Even if you don’t know, we are here to help you. Buying the essentials required for photography is not an easy task, especially when you are just a beginner. There are numerous of them available in the market, using which will help you to evolve into a professional from just a photography enthusiast. But one thing you have to keep in mind before proceeding, and that is, with time, as your photography will become more specialized, you will be using and getting acquainted with newer equipment. Here are listed top 5 essentials you must have as a beginner.


The principal thing or equipment of photography is the camera itself. There are only a few beginners who actually understand the fact that camera is one of the many parts of accessories which is required to create the entire photography set up. So, it is very important to realize that the camera is the primary equipment of photography or the camera censor.

Before you are out to buy a camera, understand that there are two types of camera which has taken the market into storm, and there is a huge debate going on presently between them- DSLR cameras and mirror-less. Though the costing of the two is almost the same, but for a beginner, the best camera would certainly be a DSLR.


If the job of the sensor of camera is to record the light it is receiving, then the work of the lens is to bring the light to the sensor, which is much more important than the former one. When you are buying a DSLR camera, you will probably be given a free lens (18-55 mm zoom) in the kit. If you lack in knowledge or if you are confused as to which lenses you should use as a beginner, then it’s better for you to go for the prime lenses, which do not zoom.


If you are into shooting long exposures, then as your camera essential tripod is a must. It is as needed as your camera and lenses. It is always recommended never to buy a cheap tripod, but to invest in a good and sturdy one, so that it may last really long.


These essentials may not look very important to you, but they are actually very important for the safety of your camera and tool kits.

  • Using a utility strap will help you to carry your camera around your neck and your hands will not have to carry the big heavy thing for long. Add to that, it will also be prevented from falling down from your hands.
  • The microfiber cleaning cloth is used to clean the lens as well as other types of glass surfaces of camera essentials.
  • It is not possible for you to carry your entire camera and its equipment in hand. It is not at all safe also. At the same time, you can’t even put them all in a normal bag, as they will not be able to provide safety from shocks and bumps. Therefore you need to invest in a good quality padded bag pack for your entire camera toolkit.


If you are inclined towards portrait photography or still-life, then external lighting will be of great use to you.


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