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Three Easy Steps for Custom Picture Framing

Kamil Jain

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When you have something that you want to custom frame the goal of this project is to select the ideal glass, molding, and mat in order to produce a frame that will best preserve and enhance what you are custom framing. Having the right picture frames will add visual interest to a room along with helping to influence the overall feeling of the room where it is displayed. To make sure that you are choosing the right custom frame there are three easy steps for you to follow.

The first step is to choose the molding that will best enhance your picture or piece of artwork. You want to make sure that you are choosing the right custom picture frame that will show off to the world what you are framing. A good custom frame will not distract from the picture you have frame but instead it will enhance and complement it. Make sure that you choose your frame that has a color and style that will play off what you are framing. For example, if what you are framing is a busy collage or a complex graphic picture you should choose a simple wood frame and not a highly ornate frame.

When you are trying to decide the color of the frame look at the colors of what you are framing and try to pull certain colors out of it if possible and try to match those colors to the frame but if you have a one simple color picture that you are framing do not make the molding the same color as the picture.

The second step is to choose the right mat which will add an additional border around what you are framing and goes inside the picture frame. Normally the mat you choose should be lighter than what you are framing but darker than the wall where you are hanging the picture. You want to also make sure that the color of the mat does not overshadow the work that you are framing. A mat will help to create depth and offers a small buffer between the glass and picture so there is airflow and what you are framing does not touch the glass.

The last step is to choose either plexi-glass or glass which is based on the size of the piece you are framing and where you will hang it along with the frame you are using. If it is a heavy piece you should use plexi-glass. Make sure whatever you use is coated with UV filters to protect what you are framing.

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Using Custom Picture Frames to Transform Your Space
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