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How to take indoor real estate photos?

Leah Spencer

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Real estate is the in thing with prices soaring every where. No place - either metros, cities and now even small towns are spared and are in the grip of this high price. People any where in the world are always looking for a roof over their head and so they are always in the lookout for a good deal. With fierce competition and to make their product attractive, various property dealers and organizations resort to promote their property by giving ideal and easy deals. Indoor real estate photos play a major role in enhancing the property by giving an idea of what you are going to get by investing your money. Indoor photos play a major role in making the offers attractive and enchanting.

There are certain important features that one has to keep in mind while taking indoor photos. These can be listed as-

1. Light - Light can play havoc to a photograph if not used correctly. It is recommended to use natural light for indoor photos. The human eye has a tendency to adjust to different shades of light but for camera it becomes a problem. Even when the photographer is using artificial light, a balance has to be maintained between the usage of natural and artificial light. This balance is called the white balance. Ideal time for a shoot would be when there is adequate light for getting the right shot. But a confusion can come to the mind that what time is the ideal one for appropriate natural light. The best way is to understand that one should take the photos when the sun's rays are not directly coming to the room as bright light enhances one particular area and another part can be dark.

2. Tripod Stand - The photographers should swear by it as this is the main component of an ideal photo. The biggest advantage is that the camera can fit beautifully without any movement and hindrance. Once the camera gets fixed there is no possibility of blur image and one can happily go clicking. It is also advisable to click as many photos as possible and subsequently the photos can be sorted and the final photo can be adjudged in terms of white balance, final size and over and under exposed area.

3. Photos without angles - It is always good to align the room keeping in mind both horizontal and vertical angles. It is advisable to take straight shots as the result is always more correct. Straight shots are neat and depict the room properly rather than dramatic angles which tend to highlight only one particular area.

4. Space constraint - Many indoor real spaces could be really clumsy, small and overloaded with different furniture pieces and artefacts. Since the size is small, the real photograph can give a very clubbed or clumsy room effect. So it is advised that to get the best result one can make alterations like- to click one portion, that particular area can be rearranged by removing the extra furniture. Adding some things to enhance the effect is also done many a times.

5. Important angles - This is again a very important aspect of photos as one needs to identify which place, part or thing to highlight and which to subdue in the background. For this particular angle, aperture plays a part. Aperture is the tool that controls the amount of hole light of the camera. The aperture works in the proportion that bigger the aperture no. , depth is wide or large. That means the more the no. Sharper will be the image of whatever comes under the lens. With this we can focus on individual things by making the surroundings hazy.

It is without doubt one can say that the good and appealing photos definitely play a pivotal role in enhancing the quality of the property as what appeals to the eye, always has more weightage than the ordinary, especially when property is one time investment so it should be value for your hard earned money.

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