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Tips for clicking self photography

Leah Spencer

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Everybody loves to click pictures and the joy is doubled if you can click a great picture of yourself. Gone are the days when a camera would see the light of the day only on occasions. Clicking self has become as easy as clicking photos of other people.

Camera Choice:

There are options like digital camera cam, web cam, handy cam or a camera from a phone depending on the purpose. Camera from a phone can be used if it is for pass-time. If a proper picture is to be taken, then a digital camera with a self-timer to have multiple takes is the best choice. The same goes with web camera also but the quality is better in the former than in the latter. Handy cam is better for an unusual angle.


Single most important consideration is to choose an apt angle. Bad angle can ruin a picture. To make a good judgment of the angle camera can be placed in front of a mirror. Wrong angle may distraught a picture. Few trial pictures can be clicked before the final one is taken. A handy cam is a better choice if the photo is to be clicked outdoors because the LCD panel can be turned 180 degrees to actually get an idea of the looks.


Lighting plays a pivotal role in clicking a picture. For indoor clicking standing directly under the light source needs to be avoided as it may cast shadows all over the face. Always it is better to stand opposite to the source of light. Natural light is best when the photo is taken during day time. The important thing to remember is to hold the camera in such an angle so that it itself does not cast a shadow. While lying down on a bed or in garden it is important to check that the camera is not in the path of light. Interesting shadows can be created by standing under something like a tree and it looks charming.

Self-photos need not necessarily mean it is just a person. It can be taken with friends or loved ones too. The important points to be remembered are:

  • Clicking self-photos with a large group is tricky. If it is more than three members it is better to ask somebody else to click it. If it is only three members everybody should stand closer to fit inside the frame. The outermost person can place an arm around the middle person to help coming closer. The outermost person clicks the photo so that the cameraman’s hand does not come in the picture.
  • Clicking pictures with people of different heights like kids, nephews, and grandchildren is problematic and tricky. In those cases camera can be held above the head for a “looking down effect” or a little one can be asked to click to have a “looking up” effect. Another idea is to make the little ones stand on an elevated surface and then click.

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