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how to create fresh "air sense" III


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The use of air sense

So how to embody air sense in photography? After reading the text above, some people may think that a large aperture can express the air sense, but in fact it is not always the case.

Deciding whether a photo has air sense mainly from the following several aspects:

1, the air permeability, that is, the number of particles in the air, the more the particles is , it is more likely to reflect air sense - certainly, if it is the foggy day, then it is impossible;

2, light, backlight, sidelight are easier to perform the air sense (three-dimensional) than frontlighting;

3, the background level, if the background has rich levels, it will perform air sense better, for example, making the extended street as the background can perform the space sense better than that of a wall;

4, aperture, it does not mean that large aperture can perform space sense, but it should depend on the main subjects, but when photograph close-up, do not choose the maximum aperture, but you should blur the scenery gradually, and there is a natural transition process which is closer to the human eyes (someone mentions the maximum should not exceed 2.8, while others believe it is 3.2);

5, focal length, 50MM is the focal length that is most consistent with the human eye (compared to full-frame).

In addition, there are people think that single coated lens is more likely to reflect the modern air sense than the old multi-coated lens. This is very difficult to judge, but film photography often has more three-dimensional sense n than digital photography.

Recommendations on air sense photography

1, it is best to choose the early morning, the air contains more water vapor;

2, choose the scene with a certain depth, such as streets, woods, etc. ;

3, select the side light or backlight rather than the frontlighting (are you very familiar?);

4, use 50MM focal length and F3.2 aperture to photograph

5, you can also add some foregrounds for enhancing three-dimensional.

If we really could not photograph air sense, you can also use photo effects software to do some portrait retouching on the photo to increase air sense in post-processing.


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