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how to create fresh "air sense" I


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What in the end is the relationship between air sense and photography?

Q: Do you know what air sense is?

A: It seems to be a kind of sense covered with a piece of fog, there is dough and soft sense, the hue seems to be colder, it is probably the case.

Q: Do you know what the air sense is?

A: Is shallow depth of field also called air sense? Is it also called air if there is a sense of foreground and background? Now is the Japanese photography also called air sense?

Q: Do you know what the air sense is?

A: it looks a bit gooey, probably it uses the portrait style and then reduce the sharpness?

Q: Do you know what the air sense is?

A: The photos with air scene are easy to be photographed! Just photograph casually, then you can use a picture and mark out “air sense" afterwards!

Q: @ # ¥% . & * . % @ # @ #!

The word of “air sense" has invaded photographers’ sight. Whether it is in the forum or photographic tutorial, the word appears repeatly.

What is air sense?

In fact, there is no clear demarcation between air sense, space sense and three-dimensional sense, air sense is the reflected phenomenon when the light through different air mediums and causes subtle changes. The three-dimensional sense is mainly the generation of non-flat sense in the perception when we “see" the main subject, it is not only the relationship with the background (one of the major factors), but also includes the prominent sense of the main subject itself. The basic elements that constitutes the three-dimensional include the changes of color tone, and the nuances of the virtual-real images, virtual-real images also have many different levels, and there should not only levels, the various levels should be coordinated to produce excellent three-dimensional.

If we really could not photograph the air sense, you can also use free photo editing software to do some retouching on the photos in post-processing to increase air sense. And there will be another passages to talk about the same topic. If yuu are interested, keep tuned.


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