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The Power Of Lines In Photographic Composition


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The application of lines beside scenery

Does the photo above look more three-dimensional? This is the sense of depth created by the application of the lines in the composition. Convergence lines intersect at infinity, the original parallel lines of equal length becomes gradually shorter visually, the space distance is also smaller. These lines create the sense of distance and space, I mark out these lines, so we can see its role in it:

The role of lines in landscape photography is very important, but for other photography categories, we also need to have the eyes of excavating lines.

Have the eyes of excavating lines

Invisible line represents a state of affairs

The line is straight or curved, or even tangible and intangible, invisible line represents a state of affairs. The photo above is diagonal composition, the diagonal brings vivid vitality to the screen.

The photo uses vertical line composition

It is a photo that uses vertical line composition, the vertical red paper echoes each other with the texture of the wooden wall beside. There is also a red thread through the screen, which breaks the layout of vertical line. Vertical line composition is not as active as the diagonal composition, it is more stable.

Lines in portrait

How are the lines used in portraits? The following photo uses the arm lines to focus the viewers’ attention on character's face:

Use the arm lines to focus the viewers’ attention on character's face

The momentum formed by the contrast of dark background, black clothes and white skin

In this photo, the line represents the momentum formed by the contrast of dark background, black clothes and white skin

Written in the last

Lines are everywhere in front of the camera, they are very useful. There are many ways to use the lines, for example, removing extraneous elements in the screen to make the composition concise and highlight the existence of the lines. There is a lot of basic knowledge about lines, but each people may have different opinions when they really use the lines. Expressing your ideas is success. You can also use photo effects software to do some portrait retouching on the photo to shape the lines in post-processing.


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