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Walk forward from the photographer to the artist


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A good photographer can master all photographic techniques, but in order to become an artist, he also needs to master the skill of communicating with the audience through visual works.

Emotion and image screen

There is no particular standard for the quality of the photo. The photos which can move yourself will be able to move others, try to complete the image screen with emotion.

Emotion is psychological reaction when people are affected by the external stimuli, such as joy, anger, sadness, fear, love, hate and so on. Emotion is from the heart, it is produced and developed in the process of human understanding and transforming the world, which also transfers accompanied by a person’s viewpoint and life experience. When people observe and percept life, they do not accept life information passively, but blend the thinking and hide the subjective intention, they mark personalized imprint on the scene beside.

Emotion and creation

If photographer wants to avoid photography becoming mere photographic optical recording means or simple replication machine of life, it is necessary to blend emotion in the process of creation to make the works have flesh and blood, and only by this way will photography become art creation and the means of people exchange ideas and express emotion.

In the process of photography art creation, the domination of aesthetic emotion on photography art creation also shows in the diversity of performing form of main subejct’s emotion. The way of screen presenting meaning shows two types of documentary form and symbolic form: on one hand, the photographer directly capture on-site instant atmosphere and character’s instant emotion and directly photograph the joy, anger, sadness happiness, sadness and other emotions of the photographed objects, explore the changes of emotion in the deep heart; on the other hand, the photographers “put emotion in the scenery" or “express emotion by the scenery", they hide objective emotion in the realistic and subjective artistic image, they unknowingly blend their subjective emotions and feelings into the artistic image through the choice of subjects, the refining of themes, the selection of composition and the control of lighting.

After photographing, you can use free photo editing software for windows to add the beauty of photos by adding photo effects online or add text to pictures to the photos.


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Photographer with a Heart
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