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Where to Put Your Hands?


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If there is no bending, do not bend

Another common problem in the photo is that the artifice is bent. We need to make many considerations to make sure the girl have comfortable posture. We need to remember that every girl’s body connects with the curve, therefore unless you wish to shoot edit style fashion photo in which the girl is asked to shrug her shoulder, you need to make the angle soft.

In the above left photo, beginners often make this kind of mistake that ask the model’s artifice bent when shoot swimsuit and under waist. The middle photo is better than the left one, but in this photo, the back of hand is also showed so that the models’ profile looks bigger and too masculine. The third photo is the fingers are adown, the arms nature put by the sides and artifice softly bends. Do notice the fingers relaxed. Hard and straight fingers are a body language from which we know the model is very nervous.

In the left photo of the above bikini prints, the fingers bend and point to the middle, which looks too concentrated and you will not like it. In the right photo, the arm and fingers are all adown so as to emphasize the model’s body and also make her fingers much longer and thinner.

Coordinate the shoulder with the hand

Sometimes, feeling nature is better than looking nature. The most common mistake is the arm is cut or disappeared, like the following left photo.

When you need your model’s hands across on her breast, an important thing is that you need to elegantly show the two hands. A better idea is ensure your model not to tight with her body, otherwise her arm will look like flatten and wider.

In the middle photo, the hands put very well, and you can notice her arm put below the breast softly so as to make the clothing less folds and her breast not flatten. In the third photo, the model shrugs her shoulder, and her arm overrides her shoulder so that the model looks like very nervous and not pleasing.

I ever said that the back of hand can make the hand bigger and when the hands hold tightly, the photo will be too masculine.

Take the above photo for examples, in the left photo, model’s back of hand and bent right artifice are not nature. When model relaxed revolves her inferior part of arm, two hands towards to the lens and bends the artifice upturn, the model’s hands looks like more attractive and relaxed. You can also use photo editing software for mac to edit your photos.

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