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How to take a good picture of the car and the beauty


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As for the filming equipment, the lens and flash with large zoom ratio should be ready, the telephoto lenses is still dominated while shooting the car’s show, especially when there are crowded of people, telephoto can make the composition more concise. Indoor light is complex and the flash is the light source the photographer can control by themselves subjectively, it is also essential. The people who is capable can take a horn rack with you, interior light is generally cannot be used, we can shoot a photo with the appropriate exposure if we use slower shutter speed, monopod is able to effectively reduce the shake of camera and reduce the number of waste film generated.

Once arrive the sites of the show, you should get familiar with booth distribution, find the overview map of the distribution booth and find out the distribution of various car brands, we should focus on the manufacturers of some brand-name cars to develop our own shooting line, so we are able to win more time to shoot good cars and models, and also can avoid carrying heavy photographic equipment. After identified the main shooting booth, we should pay attention to these lighting effects on the stage, although the lighting effects are beautiful, it is not necessarily beneficial for the shooting. What we should care most is the condenser down lights, if these lights been shoot to the lens directly, the photos will be underexposed, grey, glare and other adverse effects. Meanwhile, it will cause the errors of camera metering and focus, we should pay more attention while shooting booth lighting and background. In the exhibition, many booths will regularly launch some programs and products SHOW, this is a golden opportunity to shoot, do not let it go!

How to compose

The combination of the great cars and the beauty in the car’s show will produce many wonderful compositions. What we have to do is to capture these moments. The following photos take use of the model’s structure to frame the model's charming, cool tones of the background and the clothing of the models has the great contrast with each other, the rectangles on the background, models and the car's graceful curves are all form the visual impact, slightly tilt the composition makes the picture more dynamic.

Finally, we should remind you that having a good communication with the model is very important. Once the model helps you to take the picture, a smile, a thank you are all showing the respect and understanding of the models. If we respect others, we will also win the respect of others. Model will be more cooperate with the shooting, and we also have more opportunities to get better photos.

Finally, the fine photo editing can help us to get the perfect photo effect .


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Good Judging is Critical to the Success of Your Beauty Pageant
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