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Creative composition of portrait photography


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Creative in composition in portrait photography does not just need photographers’ combination of picture elements at the time of framing, but more importantly, it is achieved through the use of models’ posture.

Composition is not fixed; the classic rules of composition are to take the photographed subjects at the center of the four crossroads of the Trichotomy. But the composition is, after all, subject to photo services. When photos are to pass special emotion and mood, the arrangement of the subject position is changing.

Using foreground occlusion so as to produce gap effects

In addition to balance painting, the foreground can also be given special treatment to create unconventional performance effects. Car mirrors, for example, can be used as the foreground, using large aperture to obscure the figures in the mirrors. Though the foreground was fuzzy and difficult to distinguish, but it can better highlight characters while keeping the picture take on the special effects that are produced when observing characters through the gap. This way overlooks the foreground’s own characteristics. Use the virtual mode when photographing can better demonstrate the figures.

The creative cutting of highlighting the characters’ eyes

Portrait photography taboo is to trim the character, particularly the character's face, since improper cutting could undermine the integrity of the characters; making characters in the picture lose the beauty.

However, if the photographer can cut well and focus on the paint field in framing the composition, the characters ‘ faces can also be trimmed to highlight their eyes. Although the character's face in painting is not complete, but characters fresh beautiful looks and temperament are well demonstrated. Especially the character's eyes make a photographic memory, and the effect was strengthened.

The creative cutting of highlighting the characters’ emotions

In portrait photography it should be cautious to cut the characters’ face and body. But there is also the photographer who cut the characters from the axis, though damaging characters’ integrity; it enhances character’s expression of emotions.

People's eyes are on the edges of the screen, there is no space at the direction of the characters’ sight, and this expression broke the tradition of leaving space at the direction of characters’ sight. Composition serves the subject of the photo, when the photographer is to make a character express a special mood, such as frustration, frustration, low mood, they can use composition method completely running counter to traditional theories, for example, reserving no extra space at the characters’ gaze direction.

The composition frame using loose elements

Photographers composite use the viewfinder as a creative platform. General frame compositions often require frames as a photo frame . When these elements are missing in the photography scene, photographers can take advantage of some loose individual elements in normal scenes and use photographing angles and changes of model location to organize them.


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