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The lighting skills of flowers photography


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The shadow effect is a vital link in photography. Lighting directly in influences the tone and the failure or success of a photo.

Form the angle of the light, it is often divided into five categories. Next we separately talk about the flower effects in different light environment.

Front lighting shooting

Characteristics of light: the most common light condition; the filling area of light in the image is very large, and the lit area is even; the shadow is less, which is relatively easy to control for the beginners.

Application: front lighting will hide the details of the illuminated face, and in this way the picture you shot will lack stereo feeling and gradation and it is hard to make it novel.

Sidelight shooting

Figures: compared with front lighting, through the change of angle, the sidelight may have many possibilities. For the natural light, the angle of side light of the different time in a day may be different.

Application: no matter the still life painting or the still life photography, sidelight is considered as the most ideal(also the most common) lighting way. Under such light condition, the third dimension of flower may be increased, gradation is distinct, the contrast is moderate, and the picture is relative balance and harmony.

Top light shooting

Features: it belongs to the difficult application one, and it is hard to present the perfect shadow effect. Especially in the portrait photography, it is the light condition that will not be used.

Application: when using top light to shot the flower, the front of flower receives less light, and making the imagery contrast increase and the original gradation is simplified. Because the color temperature is higher, it will cause the color present incomplete and the whole image has bluish effect.

Backlight shooting

Features: when backlighting, the subject and background will exist huge light ratio. Because the light source is located in the back of subject, light will be outlined a bright contour line by the edge of photographed subject (i. e. contour light).

Application: when using backlight to shot flowers, it can eliminate the influence that background on the subject by light. If the character of petal is thin, it will present transparent or semitransparent and more exquisitely express the texture, gradation and vein of flower, so that it will make the flower more beautiful. In the backlight, it’d better use lens hood to avoid the appearance of glare.

After shooting, if you can use photo editing software for mac to add text to pictures and explain the name of flowers, it is easier for the observer to observe.


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