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Ten Photography Tips To Teach You Photograph Brilliant Photos


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1. Viewpoint - Ansel Adams once said, “a good photo knows where the foothold is". Observe your surrounding, photograph a few more photos from different angles.

Find the best light that can be used and the location with the worst light. Photographing from the distant way or photograph the close scenery, lie on the grass and use a ladder to climb to the high spot. Hold the camera over your head, try some exaggerated angle. Stand next to the subject, move it or even turn around it. All above are for studying and mastering better common and exaggerated viewpoints.

2. Unbalanced space - change the distance between the main subject and the edge of the photo. Such composition will be more attractive, and it can also leave some visual space for people.

3. Framing - Try to use other various elements around the main elements to construct visual structure. This will attract the view's attention to the more important elements.

4. Horizon – Put the horizon above or below the middle position of your photographed subjects.

5. Cropping – Is the main subject in the image too small or too unobtrusive? Generally it is not an interesting photo if such situation occurs. Then the photo needs large-scale or small-scale cropping and highlights the theme and manufactures dynamic visual space between the main subject and the photo frame , which also makes the image more vivid.

6. Intentional blank – It is the same as uneven spatial effect, but it is more vivid, sometimes the election of scene should be less as far as possible.

7. Shape - Geometric shapes is a basic and common way in photography. Simple shapes can add order and sense of layer to a photo. Pay attention to those interesting shapes of the common objects in everyday life.

8. Lines and curves - my painting professor once says that each curve is composed of many short rectilinear. I still remember this sentence, curves are related to lines, but they are not similar. Photograph some things that you see every day, use the curves, lines and shapes when make composition.

9. Visual texture - basically you can do by using anything, let the photographed objects fill your whole image. (Usually it is zoom in or close up) Pay attention to the “structured" texture, such as man-made templates textures, the textures on the wheat and grass, as well as “disorderly" textures such as rust on the trash.

10. Depth of field - catch the other’s eyes through the images. You should consider various angles that can deepen the depth of field, such as the path in the woods or the lines on the road.


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six steps of masters to teach you to photograph---The center of interest is ..
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