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Six stages to record the growth of the photographers for novices I


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Becoming a photographer from a novice needs six stages. People who come to this step begin to understand what they want to accomplish and affect through photography, but their work, life will combine with the philosophy to give the message to the viewers that they want to convey.

1. Record

Many photographers begin to photograph just simply because they want to “record". Perhaps it is someone's birthday, perhaps it is the family’s pet, they simply photograph their favorite things. All things are like this at the beginning, people do not need to be taught when photographing, they will naturally go to the next stage – the beauty.

The photographers at this period are likely to photograph when it is possible.

2. Beauty

People who have photographed for a long time will discover “why do other people photograph better?" So the photographer will change from single “recording" to try to record the “beauty". Because photography begins to contact with something more beautiful, using the more beautiful angles is also the beginning of photographic life and composition. But if there is only beauty, there is still limit, when the composition and life are inadequate to interpret the screen in the heart, people will move to the next process - technology.

The photographers at this period hope that their photography works are as beautiful as someone around who is good at photographing.

3. Technology

When it is in the same place and same time and the photographed things are the same, the reason for the difference is probably “equipment" and “technology". The photographers at this phase will learn a lot of photographic techniques that ordinary people are not familiar with, and they pursue the corresponding required equipment to increase the selection of interpretation of the photos.

The photographers at this period may be more mind the differences of photos brought by different photographic techniques and equipments more than the original philosophy and beauty of life. At this period you can see many photos produced by trails of stars, out of focus, tracking AF, bokeh and other kinds of technology and equipments. Or you can do photo retouch technology on the photo through photo editor software . Then it is the next stage – to be recognized.


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