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The photographic skills of the application of composition


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The linear composition

After careful observation, you will find that life is filled with all kinds of linear relationships: vertical trees, level lake surface, outspread road surface and the outline of the distant hills……. All are the beautiful line modeling in nature.

Putting the different lines together will form richer combinations and have a wide range of linear composition: diagonal, S-shaped, vertical and horizontal lines and radial compositions and the like. From the perspective relation of space, two parallel lines extending into the distant will join together eventually, and this kind of line will have the effect of visual traction; this is the common way in linear composition.

After summarized the common rules of composition, you can use it properly in observation and photography; as for the less obvious or higher degree of linear combinations, we can also make faster distinguish to get good composition. Thus, the basic skill training is very important.

Symmetrical composition

Like linear composition, symmetrical composition is the more obvious regularity in nature, and you can find it where has lake or building. Quiet lake surface mirrors the mountains and sky, then shoot the subject and reflection and it can form a special symmetric form in the picture. And while making the composition richer, it can make the picture more rigorous and neat.

Distributed composition

Distributed composition is a kind of “no composition”. It focuses on digging up the hidden geometry relation or inner link from a pile of no obvious regular scattered points, and making the picture look orderly and not clutter, which makes the whole image form a complete whole.

Geometric composition

In addition to the obvious composition rule existing in nature, we can dig up the composition rules that nature doesn’t have.

Triangular composition method

Putting the three obvious objects in the scenery on the picture as a triangle can make people naturally produce a kind of stability. “Stability” is the greatest feature in triangular composition. If you can’t find the right triangle, you can use free online photo editor to cut the photo in the late, in order to form a triangular composition.


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