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Tips for Shooting in the Cold Weather

Leah Spencer

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Cold weather photography is highly intricate and hidden are the obstacles in shooting under the enchanting beauty of snow and fog. To get a perfect picture in snow and to continue taking pictures in cold weather, there are certain tips that you must follow. Below said are some common complications and tips to help you out in cold weather shooting.

Falling snow

Falling snow produces a lot of noise. Although the scene is eye-catching, the resultant picture will not be as clear as you expected. It is better, especially for amateurs to avoid shooting in falling snow. Use close up snapshots, if you require one. And, never use flash while picturing in falling snow as snow will cause a bright, out of focus blurriness in the picture.


Try to avoid shooting during early mornings and late evenings. This could prevent shadows in your pictures. In addition, bright sunlight too will result in losing the finer background details. It is best that you use flash, which will enhance the nearer objects to its finest detail.

Exposure troubles and White Balance

When your camera exposes the pure white snow, it turns out to be gray. In heavy snow, the person or object will be underexposed. To overcome this trouble, you will have to shoot in RAW mode and then adjust the exposure and white balance while editing the pictures. Else use snow scene mode to get rid of the issue.

Condensation of the camera lens

  • Lens and viewfinder will fog up in extreme cold weather. To avoid this trouble, simply follow these tips.
  • Place your camera inside a Ziploc bag, which will keep the camera warm and prevents condensation on the lens. In addition, keep the Ziploc bag close to your body so that it has body warmth throughout the day.
  • In case, you want to change the battery or memory card, always do the same in a warm room and never outdoors. Take care that the camera is warmer than the room temperature to avoid condensation. Try not to change the lens often.
  • Keep camera lens always on even while you are not shooting and place them inside your jacket or overcoat.
  • Use rain covers even if it is not rainy day, as snow is wet and will dampen the camera body and lens.
  • Always keep in handy a perfect camera lens cleaner.

Battery life

Drained battery is another reason to point that most cameras do not work in cold weather. When you understand this concept and try to maintain the camera and battery in warm conditions, you can continuously enjoy shooting in cold weather, whichever your camera is. Keep the camera in insulated warm covers to extend battery life. Also, have additional batteries placed in warm Ziploc bags handy.

Make yourself comfortable

Extreme cold weather makes you to shiver and shake the camera, which will tend to produce poor images. Make yourself comfortably warm by wearing layers of clothing and other accessories. Shoes, gloves, and jackets must be waterproof too. Wear gloves that suits you touch screen or tiny buttons of your camera or else go for a fingerless gloves. Shoes must provide grip while shooting on thick layers of snow to prevent falling.

Overcome these obstacles and enjoy shooting pictures in snowy cold weather.

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