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Photo Restoration – An Art for Restoring Memories

Leah Spencer

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What is Photo Restoration?

Photo restoration is a type of image manipulation technique used for restoring photographs that have been damaged due to ageing, water, improper storage, poor handling etc. Photo restoration is an art that has to be learnt. It involves the use of technology, skills, and experience in using various techniques specific to each and every photograph based on the type of the damage it has undergone. Photo restoration is an efficient tool for image improvisation. There are various techniques used in photo restoration. Some of them are merging, combining two or more photos, changing black and white photo to color photos and many more.

Types of Photo Restoration

Photo restoration is broadly classified into two types, physical restoration and electronic restoration.
• Physical restoration: In this type of restoration the damages which are done to the printed photographs are corrected. This is one of the oldest and the popular methods of restoration, before the invention of the software which does the job today. This type of restoration is mostly done by professional experts. The types of physical restoration are:

1. Chemical restoration – In this kind of restoration, the oxidized silver in the photographs are restored. It is mainly done on black and white photos to remove the fading and discoloration.

2. Airbrush restoration – This type of restoration is done by professional experts who employ special brushes to retouch the photos and correct the damages caused in them.

• Electronic Restoration: This is a digital photo restoration technique where the photographs are first scanned using high resolution scanners and stored in the computer. Restoration professionals then apply the right kind of software to make necessary changes and restore the damaged photos. Professional experts are well trained in the software to produce amazing results. Digital Photo restoration is a very cost-effective option to restore old photographs.

Benefits of Photo Restoration

Photo restoration has a number of benefits.

• It can digitally preserve the photos from any kind of physical destruction.
• Copying the photos in CD and DVD format helps in preserving the photos for the future.
• By having digital copies, you can create as many copies as you want, and lock the original in a safe place.
• Restored photos are extra-ordinary gifts and valuable mementos that can be presented.
Photos which are totally out of focus, blurred beyond correction, and those which have one or more missing pieces but do not have a reference (for example, a part of the face) cannot be restored. It is therefore essential that you restore photographs as soon as you spot the damage, so that they can be restored without much major efforts and successfully too.

There are many instances when we decide that our photo needs to be restored. People mainly restore old photos to preserve them for the future generations to come and also for sentimental value. Restoration can also be performed on new photographs that may be damaged. Hence, make use of this effective photo restoration technology to preserve your valuable and most precious photos.

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