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The Dog Portrait Maker


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It's rare that a dog does not act human at the most inconvenient times. Dog owners are not alone in seeing pets as almost human, having emotions and worthy of affection. An animal portrait may successfully be done because of the application of this recognition and study of dogs’ moods, likes, and dislikes.

A dog resents having his picture taken starts barking at the wrong instant, wags a friendly tail or refuses to prick up his ears. The dog could start being hardheaded and give the portrait artist a difficult time. Getting your dog to do an interesting and arrestive pose may be accomplished when you surprise it with a sound rather than a smell. When a dog catches a scent, he ruins the picture by craning his neck, but when a dog is slightly startled, he pricks up his ears and stands upright.

The best time to get your dog's picture taken is when he is bright and alert, which happens early in the morning. Hungry dogs make poses more readily since they are more alert. It is also not so hot at this time, so he would not be panting as much as when he is done playing and exercising. A fatigued dog makes a poor subject, and a dog with his mouth open is not looked upon with favor, with the exception of two breeds, the German Shepherd and the Saint Bernard.

The radio broadcasting studios and the dog photographers’ studios have this one common characteristic about them. There is a wide variety of sound effects on hand for them to use. Bird calls, mouse squeaks, duck quacks, pop guns, and dozens of other similar requirements are available.

A breeder wants that when he inspects the proofs of the dog's portraits, he will see only a dog with perfect form and grooming. The work of an artist who draws and the work of a dog photographer differ in one aspect. When an artist draws, he makes an effort to include only the visible and not the invisible. The other way is true for dog photographers who must capture in the portrait things that should be there and not just things easily seen.

When taking pictures of a daschund, it's advisable to exaggerate its length. Most breeds should be taken with all four feet firmly planted on the ground and with the body at a slight angle to assure correct foreshortening. The most sophisticated of all the breeds is the German boxer. He is often friendly with humans but is liable to be antagonistic where other dogs are around.

Sometimes, amateur photographers forget that the easiest dog to photograph is a hungry dog. Amateur photographers who stuff their dogs will end up with lazy and disinterested subjects when the shoot takes place. It is no trouble for an alert dog to assume the stance.

Photographers would, in a lot of cases, ask owners not to be there when they are posing the dog. They do this because some pet owners can be quite fussy about their dog, just like a doting mother. Likewise the dog is too accustomed to the tricks employed by his master in attracting his attention and is not aided by his presence. The desirable reaction of the animal would come out if it heard various sound effects.

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Custom Pet Portrait From A Photo
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