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Build a Bridge With Instant Photos


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You must be thinking to yourself “how on earth can I build a bridge with instant photos". Well, I am not talking about a bridge that we can all drive over to get to our nearest town; I mean a bridge between two people which symbolises their bond with each other.

If you have children, then I am sure you have taken plenty of instant photos over the years, but there comes a time when your little boy or girl is no longer so willing to let you take their instant photo and it's called the teenage years. Yes, the dreaded teenage years where your once normal child has started to drift away from you and want their own space.

One of the things your teenager is likely to want to do is look back at all of the instant photos you have taken of them over the years, and if you haven't taken enough instant photos. . . well, you could be in a bit of bother. Getting the old instant photos out can be an experience which can really benefit you and your teenager, it is one exercise which is sure to give you both something to talk about together, and if you are feeling like there is a gap between you both right now, then this could be just enough to bridge it and bring you closer together.

Another thing teenagers like to do with instant photos is to take plenty of them with their friends, so do not hold them back as this is the time in their lives where they start to learn more about becoming independent. Let them be free and have some harmless fun with the family camera, you could even show an interest to seeing their instant photos which will give you both something to talk about and even more bonding time.

If you look back to when you was a teenager, can you remember where you spent most of your time? Well, you most likely spent a lot of your time inside your own bedroom, because it is your own private place which allows you to get the space that we all want and need when we are teenagers. Something a lot of parents struggle with is the décor of this teenage sanctuary, and if it was left solely to your teenager to decorate their room. . . well, who knows what you might come back to.

When you look at most teenagers, nearly all of them like to do the same thing inside their bedroom, and that is to put up pictures all over their walls. This could create a perfect opportunity for you to both create something nice and something that your teenager is going to want in their bedroom and that is to create something with all of those instant photos they have just taken.

There are many different ways in which you can both put your instant photos on to the walls. You could put them onto a bulletin board, you could even sit and get really creative together and make a nice collage with your instant photos. You might chose to hang your instant photos one by one and create a funky looking pattern, or simply frame your instant photos for them to be place around the room instead of on the walls.

So, if you have a teenager living with you right now and you are looking to spend some quality time with them, then take out the good old reliable instant photos to give you something to talk about.

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