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Nude Photography the Most Popular Type of Photography

Kevin Beaudoin

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The style of Nude photography is one of the most popular types of photography with professionals and amateur photographers! A newbie can be at times motivated by lust to mask a true photographic career!

If you are an amateur photographer, hire an experienced nude model; it can be enormously helpful when starting out. An experienced model will not need a lot of directions or tips. They know how to pose, and/or move their body in ways that are flattering to them, and will help you look good also.

Whenever I shoot an experienced model, I have pre-determined my lighting, and backdrops I intend to use, and have gone over the shoot in my head many times! Trust me this is not the time for trying out new equipment, ideas or not having a plan!

If you are working with a model that does not have Nude experience, it is your job to give direction, posing, support, and suggestions. I will ask if they had any poses in mind. I feel it's my job to keep the model comfortable; I never start out with her naked on the first shot. It's important to tell a model to bring with them something they feel comfortable in, a bra and panty set, a teddy, or some piece of lingerie or swimwear.

In working with a model who has told you she has never posed nude before is more than likely telling a little white lie. It may be true that she never posed nude with a professional photographer, but what about those pictures her boyfriend took? Also the photos she may have had a friend snap “just to see how see looked" or were going to be a surprise for someone very special!

My only point is the model has been naked before, and maybe she was using her bedroom, the basement, or even outdoors in the woods down the lane. . . It's your job when you interview her to find out what makes her comfortable, is it a person, place, or item of clothing?

Great, now I have something to help me, help her to feel more comfortable with me! I will also ask a model to bring a few of their favorite images of themselves to the shoot so I can ask what it is about that picture they liked. This is also a great opportunity to have them tell me what the outcome they are hoping for is. When you add all this together, it will help you determine the type of poses that will work best to fit with your overall plan. This should help the photo shoot go with ease.

Many women will have different reasons they want a nude portfolio done! Regularly, it's to visually document this period in their lives. Many women will regret not having photos taken when they were younger. Conversely, they realize now having this photo shoot will prevent greater regret later. The wish to have a nude portfolio done is becoming more and more a desire women want to do for themselves! It's true, women want to feel beautiful, a portfolio can help them recall this moment in time.

Photographers, please remember the best manner to learning the techniques for producing a quality nude portfolio is to study the masters! There are many. . . Studying references and books from a master photographer will be one of the most important lessons you can learn anywhere. Also practice, practice and more practice!

A true quality nude portfolio starts with trust. The client has to trust you the photographer, to make them look sexy, desirable, forever young, and feminine. Remember all women are beautiful, and should be respected by their photographer first and foremost! Respect will build trust; it relaxes the client, and draws out their confidence.

I cannot ever imagine myself getting tired of the sight of a woman in all her glorious nudity and the language of her body. To me, the female body is fascinating, tantalizing, seductive, mysterious, and desirable! I simply hope that I can sufficiently capture and display their beauty in a manner she deserves.

Like the beauty of flowers, photographing a nude woman will need the proper surroundings to reach the height of her beauty!

Kevin Beaudoin
Professional Photographer/Owner
DM Art Studio - Fine Art Nude Photography


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