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Never Buy A Canon PowerShot A650IS Digital Camera

Chris Campbell

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Have you ever wondered after a purchase, it you really got the best deal you could have for a product or service you received? I think we all do at some point, but the important question is, will you feel that way if you buy a Canon PowerShot A650IS Digital Camera. You probably won't, as long as you know what your getting, and more importantly what your not receiving with this digital camera.

Why Canon hasn't found an affordable way to make camera LCD monitors readable in the outdoors is a mystery. The technology is available, as I've seen it on many marine electronic products. I suppose that Canon assumes that the majority of pictures taken with the A650IS will be done inside. The least they could start doing, would be to add a brightness dial, so users could crank up the screen when outdoors.

There is of course the option to use the viewfinder to frame your shots. You need to be aware though, that with this and many PowerShots, the viewfinder is not totally accurate. You'll find that your pictures are about 20-25% bigger than what you see through the A650IS viewfinder. Something to be aware of when your snapping the shutter.

Another thing not to get too excited about with the PowerShot A650, is the wide range of ISO formats available. While it's true, that you can shoot up to 3200 ISO, in reality, any images at 400 ISO or above are going to be excessively noisy. Depending on the image subject, and what your going to do with the images you may be able to push your luck a little here.

While these aren't totally damning issues with the Canon PowerShot A650IS, they don't help make a strong case for one either. Before you pass a final verdict, here are a few more points to ponder as well:

- LCD not practical when shooting rapid continuous shots

- zoom lens (6X) extrapolates some softness in corners

- visible barrel distortion during wide mode

- color fringing on some images after enlargement

- battery cover is cumbersome (should be separated from memory compartment)

- should have neck strap connectors for this weight of camera

So, as usual with most cameras, it really comes down to a personal choice. Some owners swear the A650IS is the most beautiful camera they've every owned. Others couldn't wait to sell theirs on eBay. Fortunately for you, you know now exactly what the A650IS is capable of, and what is just out of it's grasp


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Canon Digital Camera
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