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Never Buy A Canon EOS 40D Digital SLR Camera

Chris Campbell

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Will a better camera ensure that you take better pictures? The short answer is of course “yes". The slightly longer answer is of course equally obvious “it depends". I like the long answer myself, as the inevitable follow up debate is far more interesting. Perhaps though what you should be asking is, “Will buying a Canon EOS 40D Digital SLR Camera ensure I take better pictures?". Of course you already know “it depends" is the answer. But, exactly what does it depend on?

I depends on several things. First of all, what's your photographic history? If all you've ever taken pictures with are simple point and shoot cameras, then you better be committed to learning. The EOS 40D has a myriad array of features and quirks you'll need to understand. The most obvious one being that you can't frame your photos with the LCD. Coming from a point and shoot world, most users would think there's something wrong with the camera. In reality, that's just the way SLR cameras are designed. It basically means you need to use the viewfinder, which shows you the truest representation of your image before you press the shutter button.

If that's a problem for you, then stick with the point and shoots, or keep your eyes open for the next few months as Canon and other manufacturers start to roll out SLR cameras with something called “Live View".

Another reason to stay away from buying a Canon EOS 40D , is something those of us that own boats like to call 2 footitis. It's simply a condition where it doesn't matter what you have or how good something you own is. . . you always want something bigger and better. Buying the latest and greatest camera can be both a slippery and expensive slope. I've heard from one EOS 40D owner, who really grew to hate his 40D simply because it couldn't compare with the color reproduction of another SLR camera that cost almost $700 more. Not to hard to guess what he did. He got a new camera, and eBay got another listing for a barely used Canon EOS 40D.

So, back to the original question. Will buying the EOS 40D ensure you take better pictures? It depends on whether you put in the time to learn what the 40D is capable of , and then taking the time to put that knowledge into practice. . . by practicing. It depends on whether you understand the principles of what makes up a good picture. Composition, lighting, good timing, artistry, and knowing when and when not to squeeze the shutter. That's what enables you to take better pictures


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