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Tips On Digital Photography Editing


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Isn't it amazing how cameras can snap pictures that speak out loud, at what time you view them? Pictures can say so many words, yet one thing people fail to realize is that pictures can lie. After hanging in the fashion and modeling industry for a few years, I came to see how some of those lies are true. For example, did you know that the camera can add ten pounds more weight than what a person really weighs? Hey, I didn't mean to scare you but it is the truth. If you weigh 120 pounds after the camera is done with you, you will weigh 130 pounds.

Likewise, if you angle a camera upwards or changing the camera through backdrop strategies, compositional and the like you will get entirely different pictures with each action. For example, if you use the camera and snap a low-angle picture while the target is staring up in the air, the effect will differ from an upward shot.

Well, now you know that cameras or the photographers behind the cameras can deliver you one big whooping lie if they choose to do so. How can we turn our lies into truth? We can use image-manipulation software programs. If you want to expand the lie, you can also use these programs. The ideal however is to use the program with honest intentions, unless you are having fun and entertaining yourself. I do this a lot.

Before you begin the editing process, realize that mistakes could occur. However, most programs have an Undo Command, which can quickly restore your images. Some programs enable you to select Undo a limited time before it halts any more progress. The Undo commands can take you as far back as the beginning. What a wonderful computer world we live. I'm waiting for some technology geek to come up with a command so I can go back to the seventies and know what I know now.

You can also use revert commands to go back to the last file saved. If you are using Photoshop or Deluxe, you must save the file in a particular format. (PDD) Once the file is saved you have the right away to the revert option.

Always back up your files on disc and hard drive, so if something occurs you will have a backup plan.

The Undo or Revert commands will not work on unsaved files. You also need to select the command UNDO promptly after mistakes are made for it to work properly.

Editing steps
Begin by backing up your files. Save your files according to the program rules. Use the Layers command to copy files so that you always have a backup plan. The Layers will overlap pictures keeping the original copy in place, while you produce other photos images of the same copy.

As for editing your images, you can select areas within the picture that you want to change. For example, if you have a stereo in the background and want to remove it you can crop, blur, or use other options to do so. Depends on your program and what it offers. If you have Deluxe, you can use the Instantaneous Fix command and it will adjust your photo automatically. The function will automatically adjust focus, contrast, exposure, and saturation. Don't take this information and run, since these commands will work on their own standards. If you want quality photos, you will need to manually, edit the photos on your own.

Learn your editing program to achieve a clarification of what it can do before venturing off to editing valuable photos.

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