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There used to be a time when you had to phone around for hours or worst still make you way down to your local shopping centre to be able to compare prices on the latest digital cameras. This method had setbacks such as the time taken to do all that leg or finger work and the fact that at best most shopping centres only have two or three electrical stores which meant that you could only find the best deal from the few camera choices available.

Now things have changed. Finding a cheap digital camera in the UK is not such a hard thing if you use the power of the Internet.

Good places to find a cheap digital camera online.

Comparison Sites Comparison sites that specialize in digital cameras are really good places to find a cheap camera because they allow you to quickly find out the cheapest price of a camera across many websites at once. Kelkoo is a good example of a comparison website.

Manufacturers Websites Going direct to a digital camera manufacturers website can sometimes lead to finding a great bargain the site has a great offer. It has to be remembered that sometimes the best deals are not found on these sites because they have deals with the people they supply cameras too, in which they agree not to under-cut them on price. One major advantage of buying from a manufacturer is the after sales service, which is normally very good. Panasonic has a very good website that sells the Lumix range of digital cameras.

ebay It is worth taking a look on ebay for a cheap camera. There is always a good selection of new and used digital cameras and accessories on ebay. You can sometimes bid on a camera and get a bargain on the ebay site. One of the only downsides is that if you enter and auction early you may have to wait a week or so before you get to have the camera.

Specialist digital camera sites Websites that specialize in digital cameras are really good resource centres for information on cameras and photography in general. These sites will tell you help you discover what cameras are best for the job you have in mind and the best place to find one.

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