How Digital Cameras Work


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The basic working of the Digital camera and Film camera is one and the same. Both use the shutter, lens and aperture. The Lens captures the light and then it passes it into the aperture, which controls the light and the shutter opens and closes to control the duration of light, which enters.

The major difference is the technology of capturing the image. Digital camera does not use film to store the image. In digital camera an image sensor is used to capture the image. It is a computer silicon chip. On the surface of this chip there are millions of pixels, which are photosensitive diodes.

The shutter button of the digital camera activates a metering cell, which manages the shutter speed and aperture according to the amount of light coming through the lens. When a person clicks on the camera shutter each and every pixel of the image sensor stores the intensity of the light, which falls on it by gathering an electrical charge. When strong light hits a pixel, it generates high charge and weak light generates low charge.

After the shutter closes charges from every pixel is converted into digital numbers. This series of numbers creates an image on a computer screen.

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