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The Coming War With Russia (Part Three - Magog)

Dennis Siluk Ed.D.

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In parts one and two we pointed out Gog, more than Magog, how Russia was going to get involved, and we were looking at a few scriptures. In other writings I wrote about the coming dictator, and in still others, the Middle East Confederation (in particular in the book, “The Last Trumpet, and the Woodbridge Demon. . . ")

I have not really put dates on anything, it would be insane to, but you can see, watch as the events unfold, and as scripture and prophecy says, you will be forewarned, as this article in itself is a warning. Incidentally, I do not claim to be a prophet, so please do not get this mixed up with me trying to paint you a dooms day message. It is simply a letter, on what is developing, and what God said would develop according to the Bible and what is happening out there now.

We have an empire out there, and like President Bush have said, an Evil Empire on all sides of us. While North Korea, and Iraq and Afghanistan keep us busy, the real monster grows: Magog. I can name the countries that will be involved with the invasion of Israel, it's not hard to do, and so can you. But if you were living back in the time of Plato, could you? Ezekiel did, and to the point we all can translate it.

First let me say, if Iran and Israel fought a battle and just them alone, I'd not be writing this article, and that may happen, and if it does, you can count on a second battle, it will not be the last, but I am getting ahead of myself.

He named Persia, which now is Iran, and a few other countries, but for this article and now, I will stay with Iran. We must also recognize as did Ezekiel, Palestine being the center of the world, he did, not geographical speaking but according to God; the God center.

Ezekiel looks to the North, if you stand in Jerusalem, and look north you would see (in the far north) Russia. The men he talks about settled in the Caucasus Mountains, between the Black and Caspian Seas. If you look on your map, you will get a better view of his vision.

The home of where today the Ark of the Covenant is in Ethiopia. I have traveled the world over, and was on my way to go see the Rock Churches in the mountains of Ethiopia, but ended up in Egypt instead, and unable to do so because of tribal group kidnappings. I do wish to someday, try over and go there especially to where they house the Ark, but my point is this, Ezekiel names this country as well.

I do believe Egypt and Libya will join this confederation, or conspiracy against Israel. (Jer. 46)

Wean add Turkey into this group, although we are really talking now about three groups in the end days. The Confederation, the Russians, and the European Union; Ezekiel refers to Turkey as Gomer, it is not Germany, it is in Asia Minor.

The point here is, as Russia and Iran are thinking about invasion, so are these other folks, the other two groups, if Russia fails, and Russia will fail, but at cost? Is the question: second question, will the other two groups fail? That is another story.

Back to Russia. We see the old prophet has named the nations around Israel, way in the future, a hard task to do, unless you got God's notebook. The other missing link here is America, the United States, where are they going to be in all this mess?

Now who is Magog? It is the beast, as Gog is the individual. The beast is the mass group complex. Kind of like: plan A, B and C.

Written 8-13-2008©

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