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The Russian Doctrine (Part Two - Iran and Nuclear Warfare)

Dennis Siluk Ed.D.

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Is Russia preparing for war with America, the United States? Yes and no. They are preparing for something, and if it is the United Sates so be it, and if it is Israel so be it, and if it is the breakaway countries of Eastern Europe, so be it-and if NATO gets involve, who knows. They had one doctrine in 2000, and modified that in 2007, the doctrine is military of course, and all the commanders know they must be ready, as they were in Georgia, we saw how ready they really are, and they are ready, speedy and without question, and they know how to take down a weak nation.

Russia sees itself being smothered, if not under enemy control, don't laugh, it has been forced feed into their systems for almost a century. It is like the old saying goes: if you tell a person long enough you don't like chicken soup, he'll come to believe he doesn't.

I don't see Russia planning an attack the United States, or the other way around, this is a different war, more on the order of a boarder war, with East Europeans, if it sparks something worse, than it does, but perhaps the days of cooperation are at its end, or close to it.

When Russia marries Iran, or takes them into their arms, then we got more trouble, the nastiness becomes home spun, the hostility will begin if Iran demands Russian support over Israel, and Russia gives it.

The good thing we got out of Russia, if anything is support working against terrorism, the Islamic element of it. And thus, we see internal security a major issue with Russia, as we do in the United States, and Western Europe. All this and more is built into the new doctrine, along with the west being responsible to recognize the Russian area of influence. They kind of feel they are, or were doing Eastern Europe a favor by protecting it, and I suppose this sparked Georgia, thinking they still had that right. On the other hand, NATO, which is proxy for the U. S. , does as it please, anyplace in the world, which Russia surely sees as a bone of contention.

We need to look at the fact, they lost the so called Cold War, another bone of contention, and when a dog is done one should not kick him, and they kind of feel they've been kicked, and a hurt dog is dangerous, so when they can bend their doctrine, they will, as they did in Georgia.

China and Russia are becoming closer, as is Cuba, Iran, and Venezuela, and North Korea, sounds like the good old days, all our enemies turn to Russia. All these folks need technology Russia has, what we may be seeing soon is that lack of cooperation I was talking about, going, going gone to those countries. This new doctrine is only ink on white; it can be, whitened out.

Part Two: Iran and Nuclear Warfare

Part of the doctrine, or so called new policy is for Russia's military (so the chief of staff has said), if threatened, or in case of a major threat, the use of nuclear weapons will be considered, and he wants the world to take this into consideration; that is to say, if Russia feels it needs to defend the sovereignty, territorial and integrity of Russia and its allies, not only military forces will be used, but Nuclear Weapons will be preventively used, meaning preemptive nuclear weapons strikes. I think this may be more slanted toward Israel over Iran, once the honeymoon starts with Iran and Russia.

Again I must say, Russia does not like NATO encircling her, it is to her an aggressive move. And now we want to put missiles in Poland, that is a defense system, which America says is because of Iran. The problem is more I think based on the fact Russia has a land and sea-launching sophisticated system in place where it can fire missiles from either point, onto Eastern Europe; thus, this would endanger its capability destruction. Whatever it is, it is too close for comfort for the Russians. That maybe crossing a red line, I don't know.

Russia is at present delivering nuclear fuel to Iran, Israel sees this as a deadline to hit Iran before it does what it says it will do, hit Israel. So we see a lot of roads leading to Armageddon.

In the past, the United States and Russia have been pretty much level headed in their war games, and many a country has tried to provoke Russia to fight America, and the other way around. And as we all see, Russia played chess with Georgia, and won. And so far Russia and America are still playing. America had Russia in Check, and now she is out, and the game continues, until check-mate.


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