A Vision for the Future

George Lockett

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How to work with the New Energy, as it enters your body; feel the change and freedom it brings.

The energies are growing each day and expanding in many different directions and dimensions. During this period it is very important to bathe yourself in your source energy. This is the subtlest energy that exists deep within the heart, an oasis that can be tapped just by intention just by your own vision.

Now that the energies have changed, the way we live our lives has also changed. Be fully in the ‘Now’ moment, in awareness, fully alert. This is so wonderful an experience you bathe in bliss, you bathe in harmony, and you bathe in pure joy of life itself flowing through you in an eternal continuum.

All that you need is being drawn to you, all your desires are being fulfilled even before you have the chance to think of them. This is the power of the new energy. Perfect flow of the life energy flowing from your heart through all your layers of feeling and coming out on the surface and radiating from you in the ever expanding universe.

Bring you passion and your creativity to bear on the energy. Give it a direction, a vibration, a flavour: Live your heart's dream. Dream these most profound dreams that you where born with. Dream them - that is allow your energy to flow with their vibration, with their vision, with love and intent of purpose and then watch the world change around you as all the energy changes to support your new dream.

This is a very special time, a time where all your dreams can come true. Just let the energy flow.

Start from where you are, start in an easy and effortless way. As the thoughts come into your head, be with them support them, have confidence in yourself and your life's purpose.

Believe in yourself fully, go with it and see what you have an hour, a week, a year later. Take down all the boundaries and let the energy flow freely. Allow evolution to flow at maximum speed. Use your internal guiding system of your feeling, allow the passion to show you the way. You cannot be hurt any more, this is you doing it for you, for your own benefit and success.

You are fully self-sufficient fully centred in the new energy. This self I am talking about is the coming together of all our energies combining in a universal soul. We each tap into this energy from our unique perspective but we combine and co-ordinate all the parts of our oversoul. All the other people who have joined to our energy for the greater purpose; all the parts are being co-ordinated synchronously by the oversoul. Have faith, trust yourself and we will create a world without stress. All will exist in harmony and peace governed by themselves, by their own heart - free, in love and harmony.

Message channelled by George Lockett (C) Copyright 2006, All Rights Reserved.

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