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Great Mind Reading Techniques and Being A Mentalist

Carrie Westengate

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If you think of yourself as a mind reader, you have no doubt taught yourself some of the mind reading techniques used by experts. Mind reading isn’t just used for entertainment; it can be a useful skill for counsellors, police officers and in business. Surprisingly it isn’t always that difficult to master if you want to develop this skill.

There are a few techniques that people use to read minds, but one of the best clues to master is through people’s eyes. How rapidly the pupils move and their dilation can be useful to pick up cues. Those who are lying will tend to have rapid left to right eye movements, will look down and to the left more often. Looking up will often indicate they are thinking of a future event and observing expanding pupils can indicate surprise or anxiety. While avoiding eye contact can also indicate a person is lying, someone excessively making eye contact can also indicate this. You need to learn what is normal and abnormal.

People will make specific movements that will help you read their mind as well. Shifting from one foot to the other may indicate someone is ill at ease and crossing the arms will mean they are trying to shut you out and defend themselves. People that are anxious tend to bite their nails, twitch and sweat as well as other tell-tale signs.

Reading books on body language and human behaviour are always going to be a winner. While you will find conflicting information in some, psychology books will usually be based on valid research so do check out the recommendations. You could also observe an expert at work as often as possible. Try not to be amazed at what they do, but focus on how they do it. What cues are they using? For example, people of a certain age are likely to have grandchildren and there is a 50/50 chance on their gender! It is also highly likely that someone they have known has passed away.

Having some skill in mind reading can also have a much more practical benefit. It will help you tell if someone is lying and lead to better judgement as well as being a bit of fun! You will be the envy of friends and become the star of any parties you attend using a few tricks (although this may get boring after time)! No doubt it may even help you get the job you really want as you will be able to ‘read’ people much better.

No one is saying you will become as well known as the likes of Derren Brown, Criss Angel, Banachek or Richard Osterlind but the basic principles they use won't change, they have just learnt to perfect their art enough to make a great living from their skills.

Many people believe that to learn how to become a mentalist just beens having super observation skills. However, there is probably a little more to it than that! You can find out more about mentalism by Clicking Here!


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Reverse Mind-Reading in Relationships
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