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The new scorewriter program is ready to download


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The program Capriccio is available through internet for two years. Daily program is being downloaded by its users all over the world. Capriccio is used to write illustrations to the science articles, choir score. Nowadays, the scorewriter is used not only by amateurs, but also conductors, proffesional musicians from every single place of earth.

Capriccio is full version of the score editor. It supports multi-instrumentation and polyphony. There is also possibility of using many other music signs such as lyrics, upbeat, meter change, tonation change, articulations.

Score can be written in many ways: mouse, keyboard, MIDI keyboard. The scorewriter also gives oportunity of exporting it as picture or MIDI.
Capriccio is avaible in may versions. You may download it for free for private usage from the website It's really free and requires no activation codes. There is also avaible free online applet.

The program may be downloaded for free and it is still maintained and developed. New features are being published every month. You may write to author of the program by email.

There is also Capriccio forum. Every single problem, every idea is being thinked over by the author. Thanks to the Java tool, editor may be used on many operating systems – for example Linux and Windows.

There is also professional version of the editor, that makes scorewriting more accurate, more comfortable. You can read more about advanced version on programs webside.
The main idea of creating Capriccio was the simplicity.

Just after running the program it's waiting for click and enter a note. Capriccio will automatically make the composition and tacts will be divided into music systems and all necessary page breaks will be created. There are also possibility of making custom look of score. That is why nobody needs a handbook to use the program. Everything is on hand. Almost every feature is under right mouse click or the menu bar. Capriccio is typical WYSIWYG editor. WYSIWYG means “what you see is what you get". That makes Capriccio the great alternative to high price unintuitive programs like Sibelius or Finale. Our program is the great oportunity for schools. It is translated to German and English.
The word “Capriccio" comes from Italian (whin, caprice). The music model of Caprice appeared about XV century. Later it changed to forms of: etude and short lyric-instrumental piece. The most famous Capriccio's are Capriccio Espagnol by Rimski Korsakov (op. 34), Italian Capriccio by Peter Tchaikovsky (op. 45) and Capriccios of Henry Wieniawski and Niccolo Paganini.
Musical notation ancestor is the neumes notation, that appeared before the 8th century A. D. The cantor presented notation with his hands. At the beginning the neumes were put on single line. Then another, blue line appeared, and so endly four lines were used. This method did not specified the rhythm in any way. However, it turned out to be so convenient that it is used up till now to to note the Gregorian chants. . A lot of time had to pass until the modern notation. In between in Notre Dame school a new form of notation appeared. The notes looked deftly and there were only a few rests. Till the 16th century another two mensural notations emerged. Also the tablatures cannot be forgotten - they looked similar to the modern guitar tablatures, but the historical ones had more developed the marking and used special characters to mark the frets). After 16th century a new notation appeared which was closer to the modern notation, however the shapes of the notes were still not modern. The whole notation evolved till the 18th century and we can say , it is still evolving even today. Each music creator tries to create something different, something oryginal. Each composer has another handwriting. That has great impact on the commonly approved shape of score. Moreover, up to the 20th century style of an original form started and we know it even today. To demonstrate the chaos introduced by this fashion, let us mention, that there are musical pieces thatare written in a very abstract way, in which the main idea is the freedom of performer's interpretation. Happily this “notation spree" has been dragged because of the need of notation systematising. In the Capriccio Note Editor you can use the classic musical notation, thanks to which you are able to create any ancient work up to the modern pieces.


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