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When playing the piano by ear, the exciting part is that the pianist can play the song different each time through, therefore breaking up the monotany, which in returns makes the music more appealing. One way to do this is using the Chord over Chord/Octave Technique. This technique is done by playing a certain chord (such as G major) on the right hand and a different chord (such as Em) on the left hand. Another variation is to play the root octave on the left hand as opposed to playing the chord. In this instance, the pianist could play either E octave or Em chord at the same time he/she plays the G chord on the right hand.

The chord change would be written as “G/Em" if the chords were used on each hand or “G/E" if the right hand is playing a chord (G) and the left hand is playing an octave (E). Since the right hand is usually playing a higher pitch, it's chord is listed first to indicate it is over the left hand, in pitch that is. The chord change “G/E" would be called G over E.

This creates a fuller sound. Normally, the change would be Em in the song, but using the previously explained technique one would obtain a much more fuller sound. Playing Em is acceptable, but playing G/E the next time you come to the same chord change creates a fuller and “different" sound.

The chord change “G/E" and “G/Em" is actually a split of the chord Em7.

To determine where this chord might be placed in a song, feel free to email me at matthew@thepianobyear.com

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