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Could The Schecter Damien 7 Be The All Around Perfect 7 String Guitar?


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Could the Schecter Damien 7 be the all around perfect 7 string guitar?

Schecter, is a popular guitar brand of United States founded by David Schecter in 1976. There are different varieties of bass guitars, acoustic guitars and electric guitars available in this brand. They provide excellent sound quality and many popular guitarists prefer this brand instrument. This article provides an overview of Schecter Damien 7 guitar which is suitable for hard rock, alternative rock and metal genre of music.

Schecter Damien 7 Features:

Body: The guitar body plays a crucial role with the final output of sound produced and should be designed carefully. Basswood is used on the body of Damien 7 guitar to provide resistance against stress from the tensioned strings and also to avoid resonance. The black pearl inlays add beauty to the guitar's exterior surface.

Neck: The bolt-on neck is composed of Maplewood which gives improved resistance to the guitar against stress laid out by heavier gauge strings. Such resistance to bending can help it to preserve pinch during tuning. The neck curvature is designed in such a way to avoid the buzz. Maplewood helps in avoiding environmental changes.

Frets: The guitar has twenty four nickel jumbo frets laid out based on a mathematical ratio to achieve perfect notes. Jumbo frets allow musicians ease in using slight vibrato.

Grover tuners: The gear ratio used is 18:1. This higher gearing ratio facilitates finer tuning which remains stable. The fine gear also assists in enhanced backlash exclusion.

Finger board: The finger board is composed of Rosewood. The pores on this oily surface facilitates a comfortable playing experience with improved sound quality by absorbing stray overtones.

Bridge: The Damien 7 includes Schecter's signature tune-o-matic bridge with 81-7 classic setup for amazing output quality. It has 3-way electronics/Vol/Tune.

Playability: The Schecter Damien 7 model is very easy to play and comfortable for all guitarists.

Sound quality: The sound quality is fantastic and very much preferred for budget users.

Design: This Damien guitar is somewhat heavier when compared to other models and boasts thick tones.

Colors: You can purchase the Schecter Damien 7 in metallic black or crimson red.

Reviews from customers: The customers suggest the Schecter Damien 7 has an exciting look with excellent sound quality & unmatched quality within its price zone starting around $449.

Conclusion: The Schecter Damien 7 is the perfect all around 7 string considering it is tour-grade quality instrument but boasts an entry level price. This model is perfect for musicians looking to get into the heavier drop tuned metal genres.

Abe Schaefer has been playing guitar for 23 years & is a recording engineer/songwriter who specializes in rock music production. You can check out his latest website at Schecter 7 String where he provides information for guitar players looking for quality inexpensive gear such as the Schecter Omen 7 String , Damien 7 String & the awesome Damien 7 Elite 7 string guitar.


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