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Why You Have To Dominate The Power Chord

George Balibrera

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One of the best ways to play electric guitar is by learning the power chord; it is amazing what you can do if you can strum this chord on the fret board, there is an unlimited number of very simple songs you can begin to learn. There are several famous bands that became famous based on the power chord; just to mention a few, The Ramones, Green Day, Blink 182 and many others.

Let us begin, what is the power chord? To strum the power chord the fingers that you will use are your index finger, your ring finger and your pinky finger; for example, to learn the A chord, put your index finger on the fifth fret of the E string, your ring finger on the seventh fret of the A string and your pinky finger below that one, on the fourth string on the seventh fret also, strum it and you will get, like I mentioned before, the A chord.

The important thing here is that by knowing how to play it on the fifth fret, or the first fret, or the third fret, you can play it anywhere on the fret board getting a different note, what is great about this is when you turn on your amp and you switch to overdrive, or if you have a distortion pedal, you’ll get the opportunity to feel like a rock star playing the power chord.

You can also switch down to the fifth string and get a different note, I mean that if you move the three fingers down one string you get the D chord, now let me talk a little bit of music theory to explain the reason of the power chord: the sounds that you are getting with your index finger and your pinky finger is one note, the difference is that the one with your pinky finger is in a higher frequency, and the note you are getting with your ring finger, well that one has relation with the first note when you play them together, and when they vibrate together, it sounds good.

You can try it without distortion, and there are actually a couple of guitar players that use them, but I think, and I believe that most guitarists out there will think the same as me, the power chord was made to be played loud and with distortion.

Start learning songs from the bands I mentioned before, also The offspring and Nirvana are great bands to learn from, but if you want to go beyond that and start being serious, Metallica has great songs to, but let me warn you, to start learning Metallica if you are just stargin out is a bad idea, they do have some hard songs, but eventually, they are a great choice.

I advice you to sign up for a guitar course, follow it; the power chord is great, but there are many lessons out there, so practice every day if possible and good luck, have a great day.

George Balibrera is an experienced guitarist with over 12 years playing guitar. To Learn Guitar Online can be fun and exciting when you have the Popular Guitar Tabs For Beginners . Buy Jamorama and start learning guitar right away.


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