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Truck Accidents


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Statistics show that every seventeen minutes someone is injured or a life is taken in a truck accident. Surprisingly the numbers of truck accident are continuing to increase every year despite the technological advances in safety for vehicles on the roads. As we all know, commercial trucking is how things for every type of business are moved from place to place and this is a good thing for our national economy but semi tractor trailers are very dangerous vehicles on the roadways. In semi-tractor trailer accidents, 97% of the vehicles fatalities involve passenger vehicle whether it be car, SUV or other.

With the growing commercial truck population trying to keep up with our nations demand for goods, as well as the growing number of passenger vehicles on the rise, passenger vehicles stand little or no chance when they are matched with a huge truck. Numbers show that over the last 5 years the number of trucks involved in fatal accidents have gone up by 10% simply due to unsafe operation, driver fatigue, and failures in truck equipment.

While stats show that the drivers of trucks are generally better and safer drivers than automobile drivers the sheer numbers of both types of vehicle have increased and so has the number of fatal accidents. When accidents involving trucks are analyzed, the danger levels increase also by the types of freight the truck maybe carrying. Many trucks regularly haul hazardous or flammable materials and many injuries are attributed to these seriously dangerous cargos they carry.

In the event you or someone you know is involved in an accident with a commercial truck and the driver of the truck is at fault, you may be entitled to get legal compensation for any injuries, financial loss, and or emotional damages as a direct result of the truck accident. This is a very difficult section of the law because in the end a monetary value must be placed on things possibly involving a death, disfigurement, pain and or suffering, lost of income, and or the financial burden of medical treatments. It is extremely important that a specialized truck accident attorney review and assess your situation. He or she will make sure you receive a fair and just compensation for any injuries you may have suffered.

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Horrific Large Truck Accidents May Involve Comparative Negligence
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