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Improve Your Guitar Skills In Four Weeks If You Haven't Practiced In A While

George Balibrera

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Starting to play guitar is exciting, but is even more exciting to see how much you have achieved with time. In fact to start playing better is easy at all once you have discovered what is it that you really want to play, I mean, what type of music and songs you would rather to play.

Making the first step is always somehow difficult, if you are sure that you are going to learn guitar online, the first thing you need to do is to step out of your comfort zone, I know it sound a little bit doll, but the fact is that many musicians start trying new stuff, and it is hard sometimes for them to overcome difficult lessons or new scales, and very often they continue playing the way they were playing, meaning that instead of moving forward, they have taken two steps backwards.

Now, to make sure that you are on the right track you need to have the right state of minde, it all begins with your attitude about being a more professional musician; just by been disciplined and motivated you can achieve great things in this journey of becoming a better guitar player. So essentially, if you are serious about improving your guitar skills you will be defined by what you do and how you do it, not just by the fact that you want to be better.

To become a better guitarist in a month, you have to plan ahead how you are going to do it, so let me give you a couple of ideas that will get you to play guitar in another level, especially if you haven´t played your guitar in a while:

Week 1: Clean your guitar, buy new strings (if you haven´t already), sometimes, little stuff like this can make a great change, don´t leave your guitar with the same strings for months and months at a time, try to change them every three months or so (for an electric guitar). After you have done that, it’s a smart idea during this first period to start doing finger exercises, learn one scale and play it every day for 5 days.

Week 2: Find one new song to practice, just one, focus your entire attention and your effort to this new song, do what you usually do to learn a new song, a hard song, listen to it many times, download the tab, with the difference of learning it correctly from the beginning, play it for at least one hour a day for 5 days with the company of a metronome and try to learn it mistakes free.

Third Week: Continue playing the song you’re already learning, play it and practice some more, you should be getting some speed by now and your hands will be faster, start putting some speed to the song until you are able to play the song on real speed.

Week 4: You have begun practicing guitar again with the right foot my friend; your next move is to continue practicing, on week four start taking classes or join a music school, this way you’ll have consistency and you will have thousands of lessons ahead of you to practice.

To start playing guitar like a professional all you need is determination and motivation, take the first step, that’s the hardest thing to do, after that, you have half of the battle won already, have a great day.

George Balibrera is an experienced guitarist with over a decade playing guitar. To Learning Guitar Online can be fun and exciting when you have the proper method to learn. Buy Jamorama at the best price and start learning guitar right away or improve your skills as a musician right away. Remember, practice is the key.


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