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5 Tips to Take Your Guitar Playing To The Next Level

George Balibrera

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Many people grab a guitar, but very few take it seriously, meaning that just a few of them actually achieve success with it. What I mean is that a lot of them stop learning after knowing a thing or two because they don´t find a good guitar guide, and do not see the endless possibilities of continue learning. The reality is that to improve like a professional it is important to see things with an open mind, to have an outsider’s perspective to notice what you are doing well and in what you could do better.

There have been moments in which I have felt frustrated and blocked, times in life when I truly just don’t see the light, and experience has given me a lesson, that there is alwaysanother way to do things, maybe it’s not exactly what we were expecting, but the truth is that there is most of the time an alternative that can be done when we get to a moment where we see that there is something wrong.

Ok, so you already know how to play guitar, and you have been doing it for some time now, maybe a year or less, or even perhaps for a couple of years, and you believe that you have gotten into that moment that I was mentioning in the previous paragraph, what can be done? The first thing you need to take into account is that it is normal to think like that, and as I said before, there are things that you can do and I want to give you a few tips you can do to get a fresh start.

1. Put your guitar away for a while. Take a breath, just relax and consider it for a minute, if you stop playing guitar for let’s say seven days or so, when you pick it up again you will have this feeling to start playing again and that is a good thing, it will be as if you a recharging batteries.

2. Listen to a different type of music. Let’s say that you are into rock music, then listen to some country, blues or some jazz musicians and when you listen to a song that you like, try to play it reading tablature or if you know how to read music, look for the music sheet for that song in particular.

3. Find new scales to learn on your guitar. Now that you are expanding your horizons, try to learn a couple of scales of blues and jazz, and this will be good for you to get your fingers get faster, and you will get a better idea to start making up awesome solos on your guitar.

4. Have your Metronome ready. Now that you are learning new scales on your guitar, use the metronome to play them and start putting some speed on your hands.
5. Find your role model. Start searching around for videos of your favorite guitarists, the feeling you get from watching them on stage is the gasoline you need to start working on your guitar skills right away.

These are just a couple of thoughts that you can start doing to take your guitar playing to a new level. Take a cup of coffee, think about it and do the right thing, do you want to be like everybody out there that only learn how to play a couple of songs or do you want to explode your full potential? Think about it, good luck my friend.

George Balibrera is an experienced guitarist with over a decade teaching guitar. To Learn To Play Guitar Online can be fun and exciting when you have the Best way to practice guitar online. Buy Jamorama at the best price and start learning guitar right away or improve your skills as a musician right away. Remember, practice is the key. Have a great day.


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