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Sell Beats Online And Make Money


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Many producers around the globe are totally passing up some of the best opportunities available for them in this day and age. If you're a beat make and you're underestimating the power of new ideas in the industry, you are out of luck. I still cannot believe how many people are trying the same old methods when attempting to accomplish beat sales, such as selling to record labels.

Beat selling online has become a phenomenon that is sweeping the industry off of it's feet and fast. It's always been difficult to find work as a producer because there is so much competition and so many record labels that simply don't have the time to listen to what you say. When you're trying to sell beats on the internet, however, you're talking directly to hip hop artists who probably aren't even signed. They are much more likely to buy beats.

Today there are so many producers making beats that it's incredible. With programs such as Fruity Loops, Reason 4 and Garage Band, the competition for beat makers has flown off the charts. You don't need to build a big expensive studio in your house in order to be a serious producer anymore. Musicians all around the world are making beats at even 12 or 13 years old, turning it into an online business by the time they hit 15 and 16. This is big news!

With the development of these new technologies, it's become more apparent than ever that now is the time to begin on your path as a production artist. It's affordable and if you're selling your beats online, there is almost no overhead cost. You can promote your head off and sit back as the money flows in and your bills get paid.

Don't be one of those fools who thinks that all you have to do is post your beats on Soundclick and you'll automatically be making money. . . This simply isn't the case. Your customers are very sensitive even on a fundamental subliminal level. If your page doesn't have a Buy Now button with a clear call to action, guess what. . . You've lost out on 80% of ALL your sales. If you can't accept credit cards, that's another 80%.

Beat selling information can be hard to come by for many reasons (mostly because wanna-be-producers are putting out courses acting like they actually know how to sell beats), but I recommend visiting the links in the resource box/paragraph below. Join the free mailing list and if you want to learn the advanced stuff, download the eBooks for $29.95 and you'll be given the step by step instruction manual for selling beats.

Click the links in this paragraph and join the mailing list to Sell Beats Online . Stop by my site and learn how I Sell My Beats .


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