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Guitar Secret - How to Practice On Your Guitar


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I guess the guitar practice in the hope of becoming a better guitarist with the joy that follows. However, many learning processes are active when you practice on your guitar.

After reading this article I hope to become more aware of factors that can limit your progress as a guitarist and that its practice on the guitar will be more effective.

In times when you practice on your guitar you might find that you're nervous and do not feel too good because you feel forced to play due to a guitar lesson coming.

You feel that you have not done your homework or negative feelings perhaps the presence of others for some reason.

The feelings you have when you practice a certain piece of music have a tendency to be evoked again by playing the piece at another time.

Can tensions stick to your sheet music? Yes, to some extent at least.

My experience, also confirmed when reading about this subject, is that your real tension level when playing a musical composition on the guitar also tends to be present when you play the same piece of music in public.

In short, it is harder for a piece of music in a relaxed manner when they have practiced too much stress.

Can you learn to not touch a piece of music on your guitar?

Well, that is practiced on the guitar to become a better player and maybe to learn a piece of music you like.

The fact is that if you do not concentrate on your guitar playing you can do a lot of mistakes when it comes to learning a piece of music. These errors tend to slow down the process of learning, or rather, be a part of the learning process.

The more times you make mistakes playing a particular passage of the guitar, the more difficult for you to play right because of earlier mistakes trying to get your attention!

Can the secret learning processes become your friends?

Can you really use these principles in his favor? Yes and yes! In accordance with the above-mentioned dangers when practicing you can:

1. Make your guitar practicing sessions to joyful and peaceful moments in your life. The joy will follow your music to its listeners.

2. Always practice a new piece of guitar music slowly so that you can play with minimal tension and with correct posture.

3. Once again, practice slowly! Then you will be able to practice a guitar piece without mistakes and learn faster and feel better.

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How to Organize Your Guitar Practice
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