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Teach Yourself How to Play the Guitar - You Can Do It


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You really can teach yourself how to play the guitar. It's actually a lot easier today than it was even a decade ago. Today's technology uses DVDs, CDs, computer software, web-based membership sites and even good old fashioned books. Many teach-yourself methods offer online support if you need help and forums where students and teachers can “chat".

Self-teaching guitar lessons are significantly cheaper than learning from a private teacher. Many courses cost only as much as one private lesson. As well, more than one person can learn from the same guitar course while private teachers will charge per student. There are many other reasons why teaching yourself is better than going to a private teacher.

It is true that if you teach yourself you must have self-discipline and self-motivation. There won't be a teacher nagging you if you didn't do last week's assignment. You simply won't progress as quickly if you slack off. It's all a matter of how badly you want to be a guitarist. If you really want it you will do what it takes. However, the creators of self-teaching methods seem to understand this and strive to make the lessons fun. If it's fun you'll do it, right?

You've probably noticed that there is loads of free information all over the internet. Learning from free sources is not recommended. Especially if you are a total beginner. Free sources may not be accurate and they also tend to be in bits and pieces. It's also incredibly time consuming to prowl the web for lessons. This is time you could be spending learning from a properly designed step-by-step guitar course. In other words, you could be well on your way to your goal instead of surfing the web - the ultimate time waster.

Your best bet is to get a thorough and complete self-teaching method. Some courses are so comprehensive you won't need to spend another penny on lessons - ever. Naturally, these are fairly expensive up-front, though. But, with dedication and perseverance, you will finish up with a complete education and be an accomplished and confident guitarist. There are perfectly good less expensive methods available, too. They just aren't as intense as some of the more expensive ones.

To teach yourself how to play the guitar you will need, as a minimum, the following:

  • a guitar
  • a high quality self-teaching guitar method
  • self-discipline
  • self-motivation
  • persistence
  • some organization skills
  • a TV, computer, internet connection, DVD player and/or a CD player depending on what medium the method requires
  • a quiet place to focus on your lessons
  • learning and practice time every day

You can teach yourself how to play the guitar but you need to have what it takes to be a solitary student. You need to have what it takes to succeed without someone else prodding you. It will be a challenge but it is fun and you will be rewarded with immense satisfaction and pride every time you conquer the little challenges along the way. The feeling you'll get when you can finally play something that is recognizable can't be beat. So consider the points of this article to decide if it is really something that you want to and will do.

Chris Thorganby is a self-taught guitarist who has been playing guitar for over 30 years. For reviews and recommendations for the best teach-yourself guitar lessons go to Learn And Master Guitar


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