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Robbie Williams and His Controversies

Marcel Van Brienen

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When you have sold 55 million albums (well, CD's), you are a major force in the music industry. When you sell these 55 million units as a solo singer after leaving a group act that sold well over 25 million albums/CD's, you are a member of a very elite group of entertainers. Very, very few singers can lay claim to a combination of a long career, huge sales figures, and critical accolades. Yet, Robbie Williams has achieved this while still maintaining his significant popularity. The final chapter on Robbie Williams’ career has yet to be written and his impressive career still has much more to gain.

There will, however, be one chapter in Williams’ career that centers on his private life and it is somewhat of a silly chapter. It deals with questions surrounding his sexuality or, more accurately, Williams’ own questions regarding his sexuality.

The Issue of *** Identity

One of the odder aspects of Williams’ career has been his very public admissions of what appears to be a confused *** identity. That is, Williams has long since stated he is heterosexual although Robbie Williams’ lyrics to his songs state he may have homosexual tendencies. This spawned the “Robbie Williams gay or straight" controversy which is not really a controversy at all. How could it be? Williams has always been open about his *** preferences. Yet, this fueled a number of rumors and innuendos which led the entertainment press to become fixated on his personal life.

Is It A Gimmick Oriented Approach?

Williams’ offbeat approach to his own sexuality has stirred a number of questions such as “Robbie Williams gay or straight?" Actually, it has led to a number of people stating the affirmative to both. While some would consider such sentiments to be mere gossip, the Williams’ camp has taken certain comments very serious. In fact, Williams had won a libel case against a publishing company that overtly stated Williams was gay. One would infer that since Williams won the case in court based on the argument he was not gay. It would seem the court's decision would affirm Williams’ statement that he isn't. However, Williams never ruled out the possibility that he would have a homosexual relationship in the future! Perhaps this is his way of stirring up publicity. In all honesty, Williams’ *** preference is irrelevant as his primary reason for fame which is his ability to be a great entertainer.

That's Just The Way It Is

Why is there such a fixation with Robbie Williams’ personal life? Sadly, many fans have odd personal fascinations with gossip as opposed to a serious look at an artist's life. 15 years ago, two books covering rock legend Mick Jagger appeared on store shelves. One dealt with absurd, unsubstantiated lurid tales while the other book was a serious study of the man and his music. Of course, it was the lurid book which sold far better. This is common among all stars and that is why the entertainment press trends in that direction. Of course, Robbie Williams does not do himself any favors by fueling rumors. Then again, it does get people talking about him. That alone may work wonders for extending his very impressive career several more years.

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