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So You Want to Be a Rock 'n' Roll Star


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"Just get an electric guitar, then take some time and learn how to play" to be a rock ‘n’ roll star, according to the 60s’ super rock group the Byrds. But which guitar should you get? The band never addressed that question in their famous song “So You Want to Be a Rock ‘n’ Roll Star".

There are acoustic, electric, and even hybrid guitars available. There's nothing wrong with starting out on an acoustic guitar even if you aspire to be an electric guitar player. Lot's of people started off on acoustic because that's what they had access to. The chords, notes, and tunings are the same.

If your goal is to focus on songwriting or just to learn a few songs for fun, an acoustic guitar may be ideal. Models with nylon strings, which are associated with classical and flamenco guitar, are easier on the fingers for some beginners, but steel stringed instruments can be more versatile.

Price is a factor for most purchasers. . . or their parents. . . so determining your budget is another consideration. Introductory acoustic guitars start around $100, including a nylon “gig bag" but spending another $100 or so provides a notable increase in sound quality and construction. . As you go up the scale, price wise, you improve in materials, craftsmanship, and tonal quality.

I recommend playing several guitars or shopping with someone who can play, tofind a tone that appeals to you. Spruce top guitars have long been preferred for their tonal quality. Spruce tends to produce a brighter, louder tone, while cedar is known for a warmer, mellower tone.

Look for a guitar with solid-top construction, in lieu of a laminated wood product. I also recommend looking for guitars with truss rods in the neck (this is a steel rod that can be used to correct warping that may occur overtime), and geared tuners, as typical signs of quality craftsmanship.

Electric guitars require more components, making “jam packs" that include the guitar, amplifier, cord, headphones, instrumental DVD, guitar bag, and more for around $199, a good choice for budding electric guitar players.

Acoustic guitars that are specially made for amplification, sometimes called acoustic electrics, are designed more for performers than for beginners.

Used guitars can be a good bargain, particularly for performance-level instruments. Along side practical considerations, buying an instrument that excites you will increase your interest in playing.

Lamar Deane offers free tips and resources available on how to Play Guitar .

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