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The Top 5 Rock and Roll Bands


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You know, this is actually a very debatable topic. Who really are the greatest 5 rock and roll bands of all time? Well, this is definitely an opinionated article, but in all honesty, there really are no bands that beat these 5.

5) The Doors

These guys started rock and roll. I mean, their influence dates back to the mid 60s, while other bands were just getting started. These guys definitely earn a spot on the top.

4) The Rolling Stones

Like The Doors, these guys were around in the 60s during the evolution of rock. Many bands were influenced by The Stones, and their greatness still is evident today when their concerts are sold out no matter what.

3) The Who

Yep, just like the other 3, these guys were around in the mid 60s. However, they managed to keep throwing out great singles for years and years, which is why they are placed above The Stones and The Doors.

2) Jimi Hendrix

This guy's guitars solos really defined what rock music is. I mean, no one ever had, has, or will have the unique sound that Hendrix managed to get out of the guitar. Just put on All Along the Watchtower - you'll know what I'm talking about.

1) Led Zeppelin

Surprised? Probably not. These guys were a bit rougher around the edges, and their music was more ‘bang bang’ than the other 4. Nevertheless, they were once known as ‘The Greatest Band in the World', which is why I think they deserve this spot.

Overall, this was a tough list to pick, but I think it was pretty obvious that Led Zeppelin would wind up at number 1. Either way, rock music rules!

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The Drum Solo and Rock and Roll
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