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You Can Learn and Master Guitar, If You Think You Can


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As a child, Harry was always fascinated by the guitar. It was his fervent wish to learn and master guitar. In his dreams, he would often see himself on stage, with a guitar in his hand, and a maddening crowd cheering him. Harry believed in his dream and knew that some day he would perform live on stage with his guitar.

It's not that Harry had never held a guitar in his hands. His father had gifted him a brand new one on his 15th birthday. But, alas! One day while he was practicing on it, its strings snapped. Since then, the guitar had been dumped into one corner of his room and his dreams continued to knock his subconscious, every night.

One fine day, it suddenly struck Harry that he should learn and master guitar with the help of a professional. He remembered the bearded man in the neighborhood who had wished him on his birthday. He was a guitarist. It was time to contact him!

The Words Of A Guitarist

The bearded man turned out to be quite a knowledgeable person. He advised Harry to get a used guitar instead of a new one. There was no use spending good money on something that's going to break with long hours of practice. However, if you are lucky to get a new guitar at a used price, bingo, grab it!

Types Of Guitar

Harry was impressed by the bearded man's advice and soon became his disciple. From him, he came to know that there were two types of guitars. One was acoustic and the other was electric. It's common sense to begin with an acoustic guitar. You are able to ‘catch’ the strings better and can play anywhere and whenever you like to. Besides, it is easy to learn and master guitar, as you can actually feel the tunes of the musical instrument as you play the strings.

The other type - electric guitar - is a rather loud one. It makes use of ‘pick-ups’ to transform the string vibration into electric current, which passes through an electric amplifier and produces a musical note. Many musicians, today, use an electric guitar.


Harry was surprised to learn that the bearded man had learnt and mastered the art of playing guitar at the age of 55! Who says only the young can learn to play guitar? Age is no barrier here! The only thing you need to learn and master guitar is patience.

Ah, yes! Interest is another thing that brings you closer to the guitar. You can't force anyone to learn how to play a guitar. The tunes might be hidden in the strings, but the melody comes from the heart. Besides, you need to believe in yourself; you need to ‘strike a cord’ with the guitar; only then will the instrument respond to your commands.

Harry was lucky to get the bearded man teach him to play guitar. But, if you cannot find any such tutor, you may use DVDs that help you to learn and master guitar. They contain step-by-step guide for beginners. Some of them even provide an elaboration of the various parts of guitar. You might have to spend a few dollars for such DVDs, but they are worth it.

A guitarist always attracts an audience! So, are you ready to learn and master guitar?

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